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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

„Nose job” without surgery? Possible!

The contour of the nose can be shaped by an injection treatment so that no surgical intervention is required.

It is well-known that in our everyday communication our faces (reflections, mimics) are just as important as the language we speak.  Deformations in the middle of the face are therefore of the utmost importance and in the center of attention. Any aesthetic problem in this area breaks the harmony of the face, causing serious psychological problems to patients.

In our Premium Plastic Surgery, where we try our best to create the harmony of the body and soul with our highest standards of professionalism and the most relaxing conditions, now we have the opportunity to correct some nose deformations quickly, painlessly and efficiently. To do this, we inject a special hyaluronic acid filler material between the tissues, ensuring that the contour irregularities are filled.


20 to 30-minute procedure

The advantage of the 20 to 30-minute procedure is that you do not have to undergo major surgical interventions involving the bone structure of the nose, and there is no need for two weeks of sick leave as after conventional classical rhinoplasty. This intervention can be performed as a „lunchtime procedure”. After injection of premium hyaluronic acid, the normal daily routine can be continued immediately.

Our plastic surgeons and otolaryngologist will help you to restore your nose’s harmony.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear dr. Pataki,

bellow I attached some photos of my face and nose. I want to have a nose trim and I have a bit of collagen in my nose..I came from philippines and I had that collagen in philippines. And now I don't feel so happy for the result...every time I woke up in the morning it looks so big and swollen. Please, let me know about prices and possibility of procedure.
Thank you


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