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New Methods

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

„Nose job” without surgery? Possible! The contour of the nose can be shaped by an injection treatment so that no surgical intervention is required. Read more >>

Belkyra (Kybella)

Belkyra (or Kybella) is a revolutionary new injection that provides a non-surgical solution to the fat deposits under the chin and on the upper part of the neck. We have been using it since 2017. Read more >>

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Based on extensive experience gained in the US and Germany we have developed a technique that allows performing safe Breast Augmentation with the patient’s own body fat, which contains stem cells as well. Read more >>

Facial Fat Grafting

Autologous fat transfer for facial rejuvenation and treatment of contour deformations.

Good makeup nicely highlights the parts, details, and structure of the face, which is even more advantageous when taking photos. However, this is often not enough. There is a biological method for achieving and restoring the “natural beauty”, which we are performing at a high level and in a successful way, learning from foreign schools. Read more >>

Fat Transfers for Scars

The essence of this method is that fat tissues obtained from other body areas (typically from the abdomen) are injected under the scar after a special processing. Fat tissues contain growth factors and give volume, bringing the scar to the same level as the surrounding skin surface. Read more >>

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