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Medical Tattooing, permanent make-up

Medical Pigmentation Provides A Solution

Medical Micropigmentation gives a whole new meaning to the word „tattoo”, since it helps in many seemingly unsolvable problems, significantly improving the quality of life.

Some diseases and surgeries leave lasting marks and scars on the skin. They cause aesthetic problems, causing psychological problems in everyday life. This justifies the use of medical tattoos, or what the literature calls it: the medical micropigmentation.

As the surface to be treated is different than healthy skin surface, only special machines are suitable for medical tattooing, developed for this purpose.

We Recommend Marta Bartus Medical Tattoo And Micropigmentation Expert

Bartus MártaMarta Bartus learned this special technique in the Netherlands in 2001, then in Hungary as well. She works exclusively in this field since then.

As a Master of Micropigmentation, she acquired beautician qualification as well, choosing Medical Tattooing as a faculty to provide a solution for those who have psychological disturbances because of these problems.

– In February 2012, she received a master’s degree international instructor in the Netherlands.
– Presented Micropigmentation on the stage of Beauty Slovakia in January 2013.
– Gave a presentation at the official meeting of the Swiss Color Swiss Academy in April 2013.
– Instructor of Nouveau Contour since the summer of 2013.

Medical Pigmentation Provides A Solution For These Problems

  • Making surgical or other scars the same color as the skin.
  • Pigmentary disorders, depigmented areas (vitiligo, leukoderma).
  • Wound healing problems after plastic surgery.
  • Bruising.
  • Burns.
  • Areola and nipple tattoo (after Breast Reconstruction surgery).
  • Hair loss due to illness or other causes.
  • Cleft lip.
  • Dark circles under the eye.

Vitiligo Tattoo

Bartus MártaVitiligo is an incurable pigmentation disorder and autoimmune disease, which causes the skin to lose its original color in patches, and those places will remain fully pigment-free, white-looking. White spots may develop at any age, but sometimes it is congenital.

Most often affected body parts are the face, hands, armpits, navel, the anogenital region, and the skin over the tibia. The cause of vitiligo is unknown. There is currently no cure – only treatment methods exist that can help reduce or eliminate the pigment loss. However, in some cases, no treatment method is effective.

Medical tattoos can offer a solution even in this case. Micropigmentation is done with the most suitable color to the original skin tone.

The durability provides a solution for a few years, depending on skin color, then it should be repeated, since the medical tattoo gradually fades.

Price of Vitiligo Tattoo: depends on the location and the size of the area, and how many times to be repeated. Personal consultation required!

Nipple (Areola) Tattoo

During Breast Reconstruction Surgery, almost all women get implants after a mastectomy. The end result is nearly perfect. Although, the result is free of nipple and areola in some cases. This can be solved with the help of a Medical Tattoo Master.

Areola pigmentation means areola painting and nipple imitation with 3D technology. The result is absolutely true to life: it is raised from the smooth surface, so this camouflage technique is similar to the original areola and nipples.

Each patient gets their own tailor-made, identical to the original areola color with a gamma-sterilized mixing, so the color, shape, and size will be very similar after the healing process.

Areola Tattooing help patients regain their self-confidence and feminity – the can live a full life again.

The process takes about 30-40 minutes per side, and usually painless. Local anesthesia is used in case of feeling discomfort.

Price of Areola Tattoo: approx. 50 000 HUF on each breast, depending on the size of the area and on the number of times to be repeated. The price covers the final result, not only one occasion. Personal consultation required!

Hair Tattoo, Scalp Micropigmentation

This treatment is increasingly popular. Whether full or partial baldness, or it just occurs in patches, this particular method makes the hair seem thicker. After trying all the „wonder-products”, and the desired amount of hair still have not grown out, it is time to consider Hair Tattoo, which is a completely unobtrusive, discrete method.

It means the optical compensation of the amount of hair that fallen out. It looks like real hair following a few days after shaving off. Thus, it offers a safe solution for those who had spiky hair or used a trimmer.

The treatment affects a jointly agreed area that is pre-drawn before the intervention. It is possible to ask for lidocaine gel or liquid anesthetic, according to individual needs, but the injection is also available.

During Scalp Micropigmentation, we inject pigment into the surface, which is time-consuming, but not painful! The process, depending on the size of the area, takes 1-4 hours.

Hair Tattoo increases the patients’ self-confidence, their appearance become more masculine – but female patients can also be happy with similar results.

Price of Hair Tattoo: 75 000 – 300 000 HUF, depending on the size of the area and of the number of times to be repeated. The price covers the final result, not only one occasion. Personal consultation required!

What You Need To Know About Hair Tattoo

Doing sports, soaking in water, going to swimming pool, washing hair, using a sauna or sunbed are forbidden for a few days after Scalp Micropigmentation.

In these few days treatment with a special aftercare cream is needed, and you must ensure the sterility of the area.

It is impractical to do it in summer, as sunlight exposure, sweating, or wearing a hat are to be avoided.

The spring and the autumn period are the most suitable for this treatment.

The skin may become red and swollen during treatment. Final results can be seen only after full recovery, which takes a few weeks.

We cannot determine durability in exact years, but it depends on the color, density, and UV exposure. Hair Tattoo is usually perfect for 2-4 years, and it fades away slowly.

Traditional tattoo is a permanent method, so in case of hair problems you should not go to tattoo parlors: as time passes, permanent tattoo will be visibly different than your own hair.

Cleft Lip Tattoo

Cleft lip (cheiloschisis) is a congenital split in the upper lip. The problem may affect only the lips, or the entire mouth. A surgical procedure is needed for restoration in all cases. Most important is to reconstruct the functions of the mouth, but aesthetic factors are not negligible either.

Fortunately, with the help of modern therapeutic methods, functional symptoms of the disease can be successfully and completely. After complete recovery, Medical Makeup Tattoo may provide a solution to achieve the perfect lip shape.

Medical Micropigmentation gives ideal shape and healthy color to the lips with beautiful contour and soft coloring.

The Nouveau Contour Medical Tattoo Machine detects the thickening of the skin tissue, so treats the damaged area properly.

Price of Cleft Lip Tattoo: 75 000 – 95 000 HUF, depending on the size of the area and of the number of times to be repeated. The price covers the final result, not only one occasion. Personal consultation required!

Bartus Márta

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