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Lower Leg (Calf) and Ankle Sculpting

Thin or thick ankles and knees?

Lower Leg and Ankle Sculpting is he ideal solution for all those who want more shapely calves with bigger muscular curve or thinner ankles.

This plastic surgery procedure is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to make their too thin ankles prettier, or suffered damage due to an accident and have lower leg asymmetry.

The shape of the lower leg can be changed with different methods. For thick ankles and knees we offer Liposuction with thin cannulas for excellent results. Fat Grafting is also possible if we perform Liposuction on other body area at the same time.

Calf Augmentation

Silicone implants are the most commonly used technique for Calf Augmentation, which can be also achieved with absorbable Macrolane Hyaluronic Acid injections. Meanwhile the former solution is permanent, the latter one gradually vanishes in 2 years and the treatment should be repeated.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear Dr. Pataki
I'd like to augment my calves through a non-invasive intervention, if possible. In particular, I'd be interest in a lipofilling procedure. I will in Budapest during the first two weeks in August, but for the first seven days I will be busy with a dance course. I will then be ready to do the surgery since 15th August. Can I know how many days are necessary to recover? Photos of the area of interest are attached. Thank you.

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