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Advantages Of Liposuction

Fat distribution depends on genetics and diet. Hereditary factors determine the location of each fat cell, and the quantity of permanent fat cells that do not change their location after puberty. The fat content of the cells may change due to the diet, but does not alter the number or location of the fat cells.

If someone has inherently less fat cells on their chest, but more on their thigh, always will have less fat on their chest than on their thigh. After the weight loss achieved by hard work and diet, the proportion of their thinner upper body and wider hips remains unchanged.

Liposuction, however, can remove these „stubborn” fat cells for a beautiful and long-lasting result.

Liposuction means the removal of permanent fat cells from various body parts with vacuum a special steel cannula. This plastic surgery intervention is suitable for eliminating the excess body fat from certain areas.

Liposuction is a really effective method for the contour correction of smaller areas (even after a successful weight loss), such as the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees. With the thin cannulas, it is possible to improve the shape of the face, jowl or ankle.

Who Should Be Recommended For Liposuction?

We recommend Liposuction for those, who have unwanted fat deposits in some body parts, but are not overweight, and have relatively taut skin.

Contrary to popular belief, not only women have these kinds of problems. Men also avail themselves of Liposuction. They often come to us to reduce their jowl, feminine breasts, and abdominal or groin area.

What Happens During a Liposuction?

Usually, Liposuction is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. But in case of more than four affected body areas, epidural or general anesthesia is recommended with a one-night hospital stay.

Liposuction is performed through 2-5 mm long incisions, depending on the certain area.

The essence of the procedure is to remove accumulated fat tissue from under the skin, and adjust the thickness of it to the environment. Liposuction mostly takes 1-1.5 hours, but its duration influenced by the size of the body area. At the end of the intervention, we immediately ensure proper pressure with special clothing.

After Liposuction

Local fluid formation, bruising, swelling may occur.

To avoid this, and ensure proper skin adherence, chilling and wearing a special compression bandage is recommended for the first few days – preferably for four weeks using a compression garment.

Stitch removal is due a week after the procedure. Only a small, few millimeters long scar will indicate the surgical site. We suggest to stay at home and rest for a few days, since it is possible that during this time some easily alleviated symptoms may be expected on the treated body part (e.g. bruising, pain).

Final result: a few weeks after liposuction, our patients have a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing shape.

Possible Complications of Liposuction

Health complications: swelling, inflammation, postoperative bleeding, plasma accumulation, fat embolism, skin nerve injury, skin necrosis, anesthesiology complications. Thanks to the development of medicine, these are manageable and becoming less frequent.

Aesthetic complications: asymmetry, uneven surface, scarring problems, skin color changes. These can be corrected with new interventions.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I have an odd request; however, I heard that you are an expert in the field.
I have had previous liposuction done to my thighs. It seems like the surgeon may have removed too much under my gluteal fold. On one buttock has a has caused a faint line under the crease and on the other my groove has been deepened and extends slightly too far so its visible when i stand sideways and on the other there is a faint line under my natural crease causing the appearance of a sagging buttock. It has truly affected my self esteem and has caused an appearance of sagging skin in that area. I feel like if there could be a transfer under the gluteal groove it may be possible to return my glutes to their original perkiness but I would truly appreciate your expert advice/ suggestions.

Is this something you would be able to help me with?
I am a local in Hungary, so coming in for a consultation is not a problem. I will gladly send photos!

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.


Click here to see the answer 2018-11-06

Dear Doctor, I am looking for a clinic who does Liposuction, vaser liposuction on belly and inner legs , I send a picture via email.

I am 26 and always struggled of my extra fat, tried diets, tried gym but still … not easy to get the rid of it.

I found about your clinic on Medigo and wanted to have chat with you about a quote, what is included, what to do to proceed and how long it takes.

Please do let me know, i am about to choose one of the best that can assist me with this operation. Thank you, Clara

Click here to see the answer 2018-05-06

dear Dr. Pataki, i contacted you some months back, i would like some minor lipo on the face, plus fat injections to the face area.

secondly. i had some lipo on my stomach area done a few years back by a discount service in poland. boy that was a mistake. they did something called "high definition" on my abs, and they not only did not complete the entire abs area, they didn't take even HALF the fat out, and now 2 years later, its still just looks worse, uneven and quite an odd shape it has given. plus i should have done my low back as well, maybe Dr. Pataki would help me with these areas.

1. what KIND of lipo do you use?
2. can you do micro lipo on the face for the jowl and under the neck areas?
3. for fat reinjection, i was thinking cheekbone increase, a small amount in the cheeks themselves, to fill gaps from ache and aging, as well as some under the eyebrows to lift the brows up a little, and some in the chin to help my profile. i don't expect MAJOR changes. it just needs a little here and there.
4. ive also considered a rhynoplasty, so if you want to give me a plan for that too, i will consider it (depending on the downtime)

attached are some photos as you had requested.

i won't be back in budapest until late october or early november. And, i might only be there for a few weeks, so we would need to schedule things around that time period.

please give me an idea on appointment availabilities.

thank you, Nadine

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Dear Dr.,

I am a resident of UK I have been some time looking for a reputable place and doctor for liposuction.

I would like whole of my abdomen done which i believe consists of four areas, my hips, inner outer thighs, arms and and also back.

Please find attached the photos and questionnaire. Do you not do BodyTite Liposuction as i would prefer body tite as i believe it will aid in tightening the skin areas of tummy. please do let me know .

My questions are how much would I be looking at for this procedure?

1. After operation am I kept in the hospital if so how long?

1. What is the extent of the aftercare? E.g does surgeon take of bandages and reapply new One.

1. I have read included with vaser liposuction is also drainage massage is that included in the procedure.

1. What happens when there is a problem after surgery such as infection etc.

What wish to complain what is the complaints procedure how are they governed.

Apologies for the list of questions however I am serious with trying to get this procedure done with minimum




Click here to see the answer 2017-07-02

Dear Dr. Pataki
I'd like to augment my calves through a non-invasive intervention, if possible. In particular, I'd be interest in a lipofilling procedure. I will in Budapest during the first two weeks in August, but for the first seven days I will be busy with a dance course. I will then be ready to do the surgery since 15th August. Can I know how many days are necessary to recover? Photos of the area of interest are attached. Thank you.

Click here to see the answer 2015-06-29

Dear dr. Pataki,

I want to ask , When it is the earliest date for surgery. You work with lipoesculture 4D o High definition ? Finally I want to do liposuction About 8 areas : Thanks !!!

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Concerning my combined surgery circumferential abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, arm and thigh plasty I will attach some photos as I would like a specific plan. Please could you explain the costs of the next few things. How much is the anaesthesia? I don't understand why there is an extra payment for anaesthesia for combined? What is the reason for this? How much is it for liposuction? If it is per area then how many areas are you suggesting? Both arms, both thighs, waist, lower back are 7 areas. I don't think I will require lipo on my bum. Could you explain to me the total costs and areas please?
How do you charge for hospital stay. This is the first clinic I've encountered that is charging for the usual 1 or 2 night stay? My boyfriend will be coming with me and I would like to not pay for both of us. Why is the second night stay not included in the procedure?

Many thanks in advance,


Click here to see the answer 2015-04-27

Dear Dr Pataki,

Thank you for your explanations and suggestions.

I have a two more questions regarding my problem.

Is it mandatory to do a liposuccion associated with an abdominoplasties? If yes, for what reasons?
how many days should I stay in Budapest?

Thank you for your time.

Best regards


Click here to see the answer 2015-03-16

Hello dr. Pataki,

I attached you 2 pictures of myself, I want to have tummy lipo.
Is it possible for me to travel back to Debrecen the next day and resume classes ?
Plus what are the risk of the liposuction and is it painful? How long will it take me to recover? What kind activity am I allowed to do after the liposuction and will I see immediate result?
please can you give me answers?

Thank you so much


Click here to see the answer 2015-02-16

Dear Doctor Pataki,

I am sending you photos of my abdomen. I had two liposuctions earlier this year, and as you can see the effect is very bad. Now the tummy is not straight and has many lumps under the skin. I wants to make my tummy soft again and fix the bellybutton placement, as it is not straight.
What would you recommend ? Tummy tuck or liposuction?

Could you please provide me with a consultation?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Click here to see the answer 2014-12-16

Dear Doctor Pataki,

Do you offer less-invasive liposuction techniques that don't require general anesthesia? I would like to get rid of fatty areas on my waist and belly and thighs.
I don't think I am interested in such a procedure that requires hospital stay.

Kind regards,


Click here to see the answer 2014-12-01

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I had liposuction 5 weeks ago on my legs, belly and waist. I attached the pictures I took yesterday. I also attach the preop pictures. I would appreciate if you
could let me know what`s your opinion about how the recovery is going on.
The bruises are almost gone, and I am taking the lymphatic massage 1 h every week. I still feel some pain in some areas and also there are
some lumps when I apply pressure and the massage person said there is still a bit of swell. I hope in time the lumps will go. Please let me
know if there is anything else I should do.



Click here to see the answer 2014-10-22

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