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Lip Augmentation

Small lips with a beautiful shape can be made fuller with Lip Enhancement using dermal fillers. Asymmetry correction is also possible.

In general, demand for Lip Augmentation is raised because of two reasons:

  1. Born with already thin lips.
  2. Aging of the connective tissue of the face makes the lips thinned, and wrinkles appeared around it.

In some rare cases, too thin lips are a result of malformation or injury.

What Kind Of Lip Fillers Do We Use?

A number of methods are available in plastic surgery to make narrow or thin lips fuller.

Absorbable filler injections are the simplest procedure with the most beautiful results. Lip Enhancement makes the whole face look younger. Full lips provide fresher, more sensual look. Because of fullness, the natural color of the lips becomes more vivid.

Lip fillers are generally absorbable, which have its pros and cons. The procedure should be repeated in the long run, but you can test the effects without lasting results. There are non-absorbing fillers as well (such as liquid silicone), but their administration is contraindicated.

We have more fillers available in our clinic, including the following premium ones: Juvederm Ultra Smile, Theosyal Kiss, Esthelis.

Lip Implants

Perfect solution for those who do not want to repeat Lip Enhancement a regular basis. The American made a Permalip Lip Implant is not a liquid substance, but a flexible, solid, well-bendable silicone. Non-absorbent, never disappears and easy to use. It provides a Long-term effect, but can be removed if the patient would like so. It is available in Hungary since 2009.

About The Procedure

Lip Filling takes about half an hour under local anesthesia, which means anesthetic creams and injections. Lip Fillers are delivered using a syringe and a thin needle. The treatment is not painful, but it can be slightly uncomfortable.

After Lip Enhancement

The treated area should be placed at rest for a few days: beauty treatments, ointments and massage are prohibited.

Avoid excessive mimicry, a lot of talking, laughing, kissing, strong chewing and smoking.

Solar radiation, using sunbed is not recommended, along with severe temperature changes – these are harmful until the redness and swelling ceases.

After Lip Filling it may happen that the lips are swollen for a week because the needle might cause hemorrhage.

In rare cases, a second treatment is needed to achieve the desired effect.

Lip Augmentation Summary

The most common method for Lip Enhancement is the usage of more and more advanced fillers. Many of these materials are absorbable. Their advantage is that they are absolutely biocompatible – including the components of connective tissue –, well-manageable and can be tried without long-term effects. The major disadvantage is that the intervention must be repeated over time.

The popular Lip Enhancement with fillers can completely change the shape and size of thin, possibly asymmetrical lips. Lip Fillers can help to broaden the narrow vermilion border. The fillers give fullness as a fast, reliable and simple non-surgical procedure.

The permanent Lip Implant Procedure comes from America. During this, a flexible, solid piece of silicone is inserted, which is simple to use and not absorbable. We use this procedure in our clinic among the first.

In addition to various types of Lip Fillers, Lip Augmentation might be performed with Autologous Fat Transfer, leading to also beautiful results. In this case, we remove some fat from another body area (e.g.: abdominal wall) with Liposuction, and inject it into the lips. Of course, some of the injected fat is absorbed during this process, but the rest is definitively incorporated into the tissues. Autologous Fat Transfer is increasingly popular in our clinic against wrinkles.

Nowadays a number of injectable products are on the market for Lip Augmentation. These materials can be found in the body (e.g.: hyaluronic acid). Most of them are but slowly absorbed, so the procedure must be repeated after a half-year. We use those products only, that underwent the most stringent quality checks – American, Swedish and Swiss-made ones.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear Dr. Pataki,
Do you do permalip implants? How much do they cost?
Thank you: Yolanda

Click here to see the answer 2018-02-17

dear Dr. Pataki, i contacted you some months back, i would like some minor lipo on the face, plus fat injections to the face area.

secondly. i had some lipo on my stomach area done a few years back by a discount service in poland. boy that was a mistake. they did something called "high definition" on my abs, and they not only did not complete the entire abs area, they didn't take even HALF the fat out, and now 2 years later, its still just looks worse, uneven and quite an odd shape it has given. plus i should have done my low back as well, maybe Dr. Pataki would help me with these areas.

1. what KIND of lipo do you use?
2. can you do micro lipo on the face for the jowl and under the neck areas?
3. for fat reinjection, i was thinking cheekbone increase, a small amount in the cheeks themselves, to fill gaps from ache and aging, as well as some under the eyebrows to lift the brows up a little, and some in the chin to help my profile. i don't expect MAJOR changes. it just needs a little here and there.
4. ive also considered a rhynoplasty, so if you want to give me a plan for that too, i will consider it (depending on the downtime)

attached are some photos as you had requested.

i won't be back in budapest until late october or early november. And, i might only be there for a few weeks, so we would need to schedule things around that time period.

please give me an idea on appointment availabilities.

thank you, Nadine

Click here to see the answer 2017-09-10

Hello Dear Clinic,
I'm madelaine, from France. I'm 30 years old.
I've a nose bump , I want to reduct it, but keep a very natural nose.
I want to know how prices are related compared to French prices for this operation . Thanks a lot


Click here to see the answer 2017-07-12

Dear Dr Pataki,

I need to correct my upper eyelid and make lip lifting with augmentation as I am not happy with the shape of my lips. but would like to know more about lip lifting and if i can minimise the space between my nose and my upper lip.


Click here to see the answer 2016-04-24

Dear Dr Pataki,

I am over 60 and I'm looking to have a chin laser lipo done. Please, see the attached photo and reply with your suggested procedure and costs.



Click here to see the answer 2016-03-16

Dear Doctor Pataki,

Thank you for your answer.
I've now shortlisted a couple of praticians after a few checks, and have a few more questions before getting to my final decision.
- How many facial fat transfers have you performed? On males?
- do you centrifuge the fat?
- what quantity do you reinject per droplet?
- do you have any pictures of your work?
- Could you book an initial consultation for this procedure?
- Are you available in january for this procedure?

Thanks in advance for your answer,
Best regards,

Iliya S.

Click here to see the answer 2015-10-31

Dear dr. Pataki,

Please supply me with information on fat grafting which is used for volume restoration. I am considering both methods – hyaluronic acid and fat. Where do you take the fat from and what is its take rate.

Thank you,

Iliya Stevenson

Click here to see the answer 2015-10-31

Dear Dr,

I'm a 31 y/o male who has lost a lot of volume in my face.

I'll be living in Budapest as of September, and look for a surgeon to perform either hyaluronic or i heard about autologous facial fat transfer too and i am more interested in it.
Do you perform both procedure? If yes, how do you perform it? Do you have pictures of patients 3/6 months postop? What is the different?
Thanks in advance for your answer. Christine

Click here to see the answer 2015-08-01

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I am travelling to Budapest for dental treatment and am interested
in eye lid surgery to carry out at the same time. could you please email me
details of the procedure and costs. thank you Carla

Click here to see the answer 2015-08-01

Hello dr. Pataki,

I have heard back form Manka, my friend and she is curious about what the Premium plastic surgery clinic suggested, the fat grafting. Please find her questions below:

Is it the same than fat injections ? How is that procedure? What area they take it from? What is the suggested recovery time?

I have notice that my upper lip is going downward. Could injecting a little bit of fat in my cheeks lift my smile?

Could I have this done this summer on it's own?

I thought to fill the lines on my forehead also, perhaps the same method would work?

And, could she have an appointment for the last week of July for a consultation?

thank you for your help!

Best regards,

Click here to see the answer 2015-06-16

My child has got very small eyes and we need help to make her eyes litle big bigger. She has got like Chinese eyes. Children bully her for her eyes and thats why its very important to her. I think you might open her eyes litte in The out corner. I know that many film star has done that surgery. In China they promised to fix her eyes but it is very expensive to go there. We live in Finland and surgerys are so expensive in our country too. We are caming in Budabest 15.7.2015 . I hope your clinic can help my girl.


Click here to see the answer 2015-04-01

Dear Sir,

Could I please arrange an appointment for any time. I will be coming to Budapest from the UK.

Procedure required is Face/neck and brow lift. Please send me information concerning Face lift.

I look forward to your reply with my appointment time.


Click here to see the answer 2015-03-07

Hello Doctor Pataki,

I am sending you photos of my Nose. I would like to get rid of the bump on the nose and generally straighten it. I am very scared of the procedure, especially that I will not like the effect.
Could you please be so kind and provide me with a consultation to know if there is anything that I should be worried about?
Kind regards,


Click here to see the answer 2015-01-23

On January 14 I visited Dr Pataki regarding a possible rhinoplasty.
I would like to have some moregeneral info on the subject so as to better make an informed decision. Also,
could you please provide me with lodging possibilities (hotels) postoperatively?


Click here to see the answer 2015-01-20


What I want is to make the left side of my nose more similar to the right side.

Maybe move up 2mm or fix the arch on the left nostril? whatever you decide really...I`m looking to do this correction under local anaesthesia please.

I have attached more pictures so you can have a better idea.

Can you please give price?


Click here to see the answer 2015-01-20

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I have heard your name in Edinburgh, Scottland, where you had a presentation at the European Congress about facelifts not so long time ago. I am making enquiries about the best face and neck lift method also upper eyelid
removal, please could you give me quotes, I am not sure just how many treatments I
wish to have so if you could give me several options I would be grateful.
Also tell me the most advanced techniques you use at the moment for face rejuvenation.
I am sending you my fotos. I would like to come for a consultation.

Thanks, Regards, Sharon McMurphy

Click here to see the answer 2014-07-11

Dear Dr. Pataki !

I have an offer for 200 USD for lip augmentation with Hyaluronic acid 2ml.
Should I go for that, Is that a qualilty product ? How does a price calculated ?

Thank you for your answer.

Anne Holloway

Click here to see the answer 2013-09-26

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