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Hair Transplant

By age 50, numerous men and a substantial number of women are affected by hair loss, much of which is hereditary.

Micro-hair transplantation is a technique that has replaced “plugs” or larger grafts of hair. The best method is the FUE and the more developed FUE 2 technique.

Transplantation is a progressive process requiring hundreds of micro-grafts, each of which will generally contain from one to three hairs mini-grafted from a donor site on the side or back of the head. They are randomly implanted in the bald (or thinning) area so that they will grow in a natural pattern and produce an undetectable result.

Patients should consider that  availability of healthy hair in donor areas of adequate density is a must and the survival of transplanted hair is not always predictable.

The procedure is permanent. After the completed transplant procedures, there is no further necessity for surgery.

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