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Genital Surgery for Men (Penis Enlargement)

It happens more and more often that patients visit us with injuries, and developmental or aesthetic disorders associated with genitals. Many interventions are available for both women and men in order to resolve the problems of self-esteem, and help to build confidence.

Circumcision (removal or shaping of the foreskin)

The reason of circumcision may be medical, religious or purely aesthetic. Frequently occurring complaint is the congenital stricture or adhesion of the foreskin, which are mostly corrected in childhood. However, sometimes it becomes obvious only when you start your sex life. And in some cases, adults can also develop such problems that can be corrected with partial or full removal of the foreskin.

This simple intervention is a routine surgical procedure, which can be done on an ambulatory basis, under local anesthesia as well. Mostly we use  absorbable sutures, so you do not even need to worry about stitch removal.

Penis Thickening To Increase Girth

Several methods exist to increase the thickness of the penis. Among them, Autologous Fat Transfer (Lipotransfer, Fat Grafting) carries them slightest risk – and this is the most commonly used intervention. In this case, fat tissues are removed from another body part with Liposuction that will be injected under the skin of the penis.

According to our past experience, the survival rate of transplanted fat tissues after Penis Enlargement is 50-70% after 10-15 years, and the result may last forever.

Tissue-saving technique, precise Liposuction, filtration and processing, then fine, thin, tissue-saving cannulas help to achieve a greater survival rate of the transplanted microstructural fat tissues to remain permanently in the penis.

It is also important to place the fat tissue into their respective layers accurately. When the transplanted fat tissues are connected to the blood flow, they will not „disappear”. Their size can vary due to fat-burning processes or weight loss, which affects the result.

Penis Thickening procedures are often combined with abdominoplasty, so the skin of the pubic region can be tightened as well, leading to optical or even real improvements in appearance to the penis. Fat tissues can be harvested from the abdomen, waist, thighs or buttocks area, achieving body shaping at the same time.

Penis Curvature Correction

Penis curvature might be congenital, or due to injury. In case of slight deviation there is no need for surgical intervention. However, at least 30 degrees of direction change can cause other inconveniences in addition to the aesthetic problems, so the correction is required. Sometimes it happens that the shrinking of the fascia needs  to be corrected because of Peyronie’s Disease.

Penis Enlargement To Increase Length

Yes, it is also possible. Learn more during a personal consultation!

Testicular Prosthesis Implantation

Unfortunately, testicular cancer is not a rare disease among men, and the successful treatment may involve the removal of testicles. Lack of one or both testicles might occur due to a surgery like this or developmental abnormality. Similarly to the female breast reconstruction, the aesthetic problem is easily solved with the implantation of modern silicone prothesis.

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