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Fat Transfer for Scars

Nowadays, detailed research data and medical evidence support the fact that autologous fat transfer is an effective method of scar treatment.

The essence of this method is that fat tissues obtained from other body areas (typically from the abdomen) are injected under the scar after a special processing. Fat tissues contain growth factors and give volume, bringing the scar to the same level as the surrounding skin surface.

As a result, it is common to see that the scars improve significantly. The process promotes regeneration both in older and new scars. However, as the scar tissue contains several fibrous connections, the amount of fat injected one time is limited, there may be a need for more treatment.

This method can be used not only in smaller scars, for example in acne scars or injuries, but even in burnt patients, and even after radiotherapy after breast cancer. All this is possible because the process also increases the sunken areas of the scars and improves their contours.

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