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Facial Fat Grafting

Autologous fat transfer for facial rejuvenation and treatment of contour deformations

Good makeup nicely highlights the parts, details, and structure of the face, which is even more advantageous when taking photos. However, this is often not enough. There is a biological method for achieving and restoring the “natural beauty”, which we are performing at a high level and in a successful way, learning from foreign schools.

Facial Fat Grafting has become a sophisticated and accepted technique in the last few years. It renews skin’s elasticity, maintains the muscles and restores the younger contours.

It does not change the facial characteristics

Over the years, the loss of facial tissues is unavoidable, which leads to wrinkling and excess skin. This obvious process often begins in the thirties, giving a more tired impression. Facial contours become less firm.

The body’s own fat is one of the safest and most perfect wrinkle fillers. No need to be afraid of an allergic reaction even when applying on a larger area. With a skilled plastic surgeon, it does not change the facial characteristics.

We can harvest body fat may come from many parts of the body, for example from around the abdomen, the bottom, the hip and the inner thighs. As the first step of Facial Fat Grafting, a Liposuction is performed. This is followed by a special fat tissue processing. We inject this processed fat into the face in very small droplets for the perfect results.

Dr. Pataki often combines Facial Fat Grafting with Face Lift (MACS or XMACS Lift) during one surgery.

Micro Fat Grafting method is used primarily for the treatment of the central area of the face, the temple, nose, and mouth. Nano-fat Grafting is excellent for the fine wrinkles around the lips, nose, and mouth. Fat Grafting is also great for rejuvenating the eyelid area, but the excess skin must be removed.

These interventions are performed under general anesthesia, and rarely under local anesthesia at the patient’s request.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

dear Dr. Pataki, i contacted you some months back, i would like some minor lipo on the face, plus fat injections to the face area.

secondly. i had some lipo on my stomach area done a few years back by a discount service in poland. boy that was a mistake. they did something called "high definition" on my abs, and they not only did not complete the entire abs area, they didn't take even HALF the fat out, and now 2 years later, its still just looks worse, uneven and quite an odd shape it has given. plus i should have done my low back as well, maybe Dr. Pataki would help me with these areas.

1. what KIND of lipo do you use?
2. can you do micro lipo on the face for the jowl and under the neck areas?
3. for fat reinjection, i was thinking cheekbone increase, a small amount in the cheeks themselves, to fill gaps from ache and aging, as well as some under the eyebrows to lift the brows up a little, and some in the chin to help my profile. i don't expect MAJOR changes. it just needs a little here and there.
4. ive also considered a rhynoplasty, so if you want to give me a plan for that too, i will consider it (depending on the downtime)

attached are some photos as you had requested.

i won't be back in budapest until late october or early november. And, i might only be there for a few weeks, so we would need to schedule things around that time period.

please give me an idea on appointment availabilities.

thank you, Nadine

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Dear Dr Pataki,

I am over 60 and I'm looking to have a chin laser lipo done. Please, see the attached photo and reply with your suggested procedure and costs.



Click here to see the answer 2016-03-16

Dear Doctor Pataki,

Thank you for your answer.
I've now shortlisted a couple of praticians after a few checks, and have a few more questions before getting to my final decision.
- How many facial fat transfers have you performed? On males?
- do you centrifuge the fat?
- what quantity do you reinject per droplet?
- do you have any pictures of your work?
- Could you book an initial consultation for this procedure?
- Are you available in january for this procedure?

Thanks in advance for your answer,
Best regards,

Iliya S.

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Dear dr. Pataki,

Please supply me with information on fat grafting which is used for volume restoration. I am considering both methods – hyaluronic acid and fat. Where do you take the fat from and what is its take rate.

Thank you,

Iliya Stevenson

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Dear Dr,

I'm a 31 y/o male who has lost a lot of volume in my face.

I'll be living in Budapest as of September, and look for a surgeon to perform either hyaluronic or i heard about autologous facial fat transfer too and i am more interested in it.
Do you perform both procedure? If yes, how do you perform it? Do you have pictures of patients 3/6 months postop? What is the different?
Thanks in advance for your answer. Christine

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Hello dr. Pataki,

I have heard back form Manka, my friend and she is curious about what the Premium plastic surgery clinic suggested, the fat grafting. Please find her questions below:

Is it the same than fat injections ? How is that procedure? What area they take it from? What is the suggested recovery time?

I have notice that my upper lip is going downward. Could injecting a little bit of fat in my cheeks lift my smile?

Could I have this done this summer on it's own?

I thought to fill the lines on my forehead also, perhaps the same method would work?

And, could she have an appointment for the last week of July for a consultation?

thank you for your help!

Best regards,

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