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Congenital Breast Malformations

Here you can read about the most common breast and chest malformations. Fortunately, plastic surgery is a solution to all of them!


Breast Asymmetry

In the human body, there is no such a thing as millimeter precise symmetry. There is no woman with perfectly identical breasts, so some asymmetry should be considered normal. However, the situation is different when we talk about an asymmetry so obvious that it causes psychological problems.

Depending on the severity of the asymmetry, individual characteristics, and the desired result, symmetrization can be performed with Breast ImplantsLipofilling, or both. Breast Lift may also be needed on one side or both.

Tubular Breasts

According to our present knowledge, this malformation is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, but the exact cause is still unknown. Tubular means elongated and pointed shape, very obvious asymmetry, a larger distance between the breasts, narrow breast base, large areola diameter, and a smaller amount of breast tissue.

Tubular Breasts may vary from patient to patient and can affect one or both sides. This form is quite different from today’s beauty ideal, but fortunately, many plastic surgery methods help to make it beautiful. Usually, Breast Lift with Implants leads to the desired result.


Abnormal underdevelopment of the breast tissue. However, “normal” breast size is relative, so it would be difficult to precisely define what is “abnormal”. When the breasts look like as if puberty and this leads to problems of self-confidence, Breast Augmentation will certainly help.

Currently, we can choose from about 500-1500 kinds of cohesive silicone gel implants from premium manufacturers. These implants are different not only in size, but also in form and texture, so it is possible to find the perfect ones for everyone.

Hypermastia, Hypetrophia

Abnormal over-development of the breast tissue. Huge breasts may seem like a gift of nature, and they are that indeed if it does not cause any health complaints.

Unfortunately, very large breasts may cause constant spine problems, headaches, and shoulder pain. This justifies performing a Breast Reduction surgery, during which part of the breast tissue is removed along with the excess skin. It includes forming new breast contours and raising the nipple-areola complex to the desired height.

Poland Syndrome

Congenital underdevelopment or complete absence of the pectoralis major muscle and breast tissue, named after Alfred Poland – an English surgeon from the XIX. century. Usually, affects one breast (usually the right). Syndactyly is also common on the affected body half.

It is characterized by shorter and more sharply outlined ribs because of less amount of chest fat. The problem typically does not cause any health complaints and does not affect movement. But aesthetically imposes an excessive burden on the patients, so the correction is important.

In most cases, a multi-step intervention is required. First, we need to substitute the large pectoral muscle, which is the anatomical base for the breasts – for example, with the rotation of the latissimus dorsi muscle in the armpits, then fixing it on the ribs. This step is followed by inserting expander implants. (Endoscopic solutions are available as well.) The expander implant gradually can be increased to the desired size, then remove the filling valves. The result can be made more natural with Lipofilling.

In milder cases, Lipofilling might be enough to achieve the desired goal. We had excellent results with multi-stage Lipofilling process alone, without flap or implants.

Pectus Excavatum

Also known as shoemaker’s chest. Lower two-thirds of the sternum with the attached rib cartilages settle into the pleural cavity, which causes the chest to look narrowing in a funnel shape. It may vary from barely noticeable to more severe cases when the sternum and spine almost touch each other.

Unfortunately, this causes health problems, as the heart and lungs can not perform their duties in a compressed state. Physiotherapy might strengthen the chest, back and abdominal muscles in children, but if does not lead to significant improvement, surgery is needed, when a metal plate is placed on the chest to move the bones in their proper place. It is usually removed after 1-2 years. When the breasts are fully grown, the results can be corrected with different cosmetic breast surgery procedures.

Pectus Carinatum

Also known as pigeon chest. This is the “opposite” of shoemaker’s chest, as sternum protrudes forward out with the ribs. The volume of the chest does not decrease, so the heart and lungs are not squeezed together, but it can be just as aesthetically disturbing. In children, the problem can be corrected by strengthening the muscles of the chest and back and wearing a corset. If the overall picture needs improvement later – after the breasts are fully grown – plastic surgery procedures provide help.

Breast Surgery Info

Complex information page with a description of the breast surgery procedures, a unique glossary - an explanation of the most important terms - and essential knowledge on the pre-and post-operative period.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear Dr. Pataki,

You have a very good reputation in London. I have heard about your wonderfull and natural breast enlargement results on fashion models. I am sixteen years of age and my breasts are too small. I know i'm young, but i am extreemly unhappy with my breast size. People say that i am still growing but i've been the same bust size sinse i was 13 years old, my mom has small size too. I don't want to have huge boobs just normal size, so i'll feel more confident with myself. I was just wondering if any surgeon anywhere would perform breast augmentation on me ? Is there is any chance at all of getting this done? thank you. Priscilla

Click here to see the answer 2013-10-20

Dear Doctor,

I am already 30 years old and I have always been ashamed of my breasts, which I have been concealing in my entire life. There is such a great difference between my breasts as if they were two women’s breasts. Their shape and even the aerolas are radically different. It is really shocking! Is it necessary to carry out several corrective surgeries in such cases, or is it possible to put them right in the frame of one complex operation? What outcome can I count on? I know, that this is hard to predict without a having a look at them.
Thank you for your answer in advance,


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Dear Doctor,
I am 20 years old and I have absolutely small tuberous breasts, but fortunately they are the same size and shape. I would not like to enlarge them at all. It would be my biggest dream to have them a little more rounded.
Is it possible to change the shape of tuberous breasts with a quite small implant? I heard, that in case of tuberous breasts corrective surgeries (like breast lift surgery and nipple reduction) are necessary in addition to insertion of the implants.
To be honest, I could bear financially the insertion of the implants, but I cannot afford more surgeries. Is it possible to get off only with the breast augmentation, and have my breasts more rounded with nothing but the implants?
Thank you very much for your answer in advance!


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Dear Dr. Pataki,

I am 38 years old and the problem that I have inverted nipples has been on my mind since I had been a high school student. I am shy because of this, I really do not like to get undressed in front of people (e.g. when we are sunbathing). I was always afraid in my partnerships what my partner will say if he notices the abnormality. Usually it hasn’t disturbed them, this is me who feel truly embarrassed because of the problem. According to my gynecologyst I shouldn’t be concerned with the issue, he says that about 10% of women are living with such problem. I would like to ask whether there are any possibilities for making the nipples emerging? Do I really have to live with them?

Thank you for your help!


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