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Composite Breast Augmentation

What Is Composite Breast Augmentation?

With the combination of silicone implants and Lipotransfer, the results of a Breast Augmentation can be more natural than ever.

The essence of the composite (or hybrid) breast augmentation is combining the two methods used to increase breast volume, so it carries the benefits of both. Our premium-grade silicone implants with lifetime guarantee allow significant size and shape changes, while the body’s own fat – extracted from other areas, then processed with a special procedure refined by dr. Pataki, before injected into the breast tissues – provides excellent natural results.

Two Perfect Methods

It is important to know that the natural results are now available exclusively with implants for most patients. To achieve this, well chosen high-quality implants are needed with perfect size, shape, and texture, as well as an accurate insertion which is suitable for the anatomical features. For the ultimate result, it is essential that the new breasts fit the patient’s body shape, so the form is not only needed to be medically precise but requires excellent spatial awareness and artistic flair. It should only be carried out by a plastic surgeon.

Lipotransfer is also great a great method by itself if the patient is looking for a relatively small size increase.

Individually Shaped "Fat Bed"

However, there are situations where the combination of the implant and the autologous fat transfer leads to the most natural results. Lipofilling with autologous microstructural fat not only gives more volume, but also provides excellent padding for the thin breast tissues and also the implants. The body’s own fat tissues contain stem cells and growth factors, thus accelerating the healthy tissue formation process around the implant so they facilitate its embedding.

The implants are actually placed in an individually shaped “fat bed” that enhances naturalness (both in appearance and touch).

Smaller Implants

Since the Fat Transfer is also a volume-boosting technique, the Composite Breast Augmentation requires smaller implants, which reduces the risk of later sagging. Studies have shown that it means a lower risk of capsular contracture. With a combination of techniques, it is possible that the smaller implants can be placed not under the muscle, but under the fascia or the glandular tissues. Smaller implants require smaller incisions.

Complex Procedure

The disadvantage of hybrid breast augmentation is that it is a longer and more expensive procedure. Because of the complexity of the complications, it is important to choose a plastic surgeon who is technically skilled in the latest techniques and especially in this method. Also this procedure should be done in only in general anaesthesia and bigger (not only outpatient’s) clinics.

Breast Surgery Info

Complex information page with a description of the breast surgery procedures, a unique glossary - an explanation of the most important terms - and essential knowledge on the pre-and post-operative period.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear doctor,
I have developed hard breasts after 15 years of wearing quality implants. I must have developed capsular contracture with outhinning of the tissues. Is it more expensive to operate me like others? What may I expect. What operation do you think must be performed on me, based on the pictures I sent.

Thank you, Kate

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Dear Doctor,
I was operated because of breast cancer 10 years ago. Unfortunately my breast had to be completely excenterated. An adjustable breast implant was inserted under the muscle, but over the years it has creased. I put on some weight because I was reached by menopause therefore the difference between my breasts has become significant. I always have to stuff my bra with textile insertions to make my breasts look alike to a certain degree.
My question is: is there any way of reconstructing my breast from my own tissues?
I look forward to your answer, which I thank you in advance!
Yours faithfully,

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