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Breast Correction After Previous Surgery (Redo-Breast Surgery, Secondary Optimising Breast Surgery)

Although probably your plastic surgeon did their best for the most beautiful result during your previous Breast Cosmetic Surgery, it might happen that you are not happy with what you see in the mirror. Of course, you do not have to compromise, because there is a help to reach the desired goal!

When Is Breast Correction Necessary?

For the women who turn to us with this kind of problem, we always recommend to discuss the matter with the plastic surgeon who performed their surgery in the past. It is important to clarify the reasons behind the differences from the concept of the patient, and find out if there is a possibility of a correction by the same doctor. If the negotiations are not successful, we can assess the situation and offer solutions during a personal consultation and examination.

It is important to know that concept of “botched” breast surgery is relative since during an operation like this, individual aesthetic preferences unavoidably come up beside the professional aspects – and it may be more or less different from the patient’s.

Even in the case of complications with significant health risk (eg. capsular contracture, or rupture) we cannot say it is “botched” for sure because the problem is often traced back to the individual patient’s tissue reaction, or sometimes even to the implant manufacturer’s fault. We use premium cohesive silicone gel implants with a lifetime warranty that covers the latter. (Read more about Breast Implant Exchange here.)

Overall we can say that Breast Correction After Previous Surgery is needed if the patient is not satisfied with the results and would like to change it.

Possibilities and limitations must be discussed thoroughly with your plastic surgeon. The second operation is not always the best option, especially when potential risks outweigh the desired and achievable improvements.

1. Breast Implant Exchange (change of size, shape, and position)

The reason behind of the former inadequate outcome is often a too small or too large implant. The shape of the implant can also significantly affect the overall picture because different effects can be achieved with anatomical, round, or oval implants.

The implant’s surface and texture also affect the feel and sight, mostly because the textured surface adheres to the tissues more easily, giving more natural results. However, in some cases (such as Breast Reconstruction after cancer), it is more appropriate to choose a different type of surface.

Position change means modifying the current location of the implant. Implants under the gland and over the pectoral muscle often need to be put under the muscle (at least the upper pole of them with dual plane technique). In some cases, such as increased physical activity, we put the implants under the muscle membrane (Subfascial Breast Surgery) to a perfect result.

Click here for detailed information on Breast Implant Exchange.

It is also possible that we do not have to change either the implant or its position, just change the existing “pocket” of the implants (eg. narrowing, widening or moving it down).

2. Breast Lift

The breast tissue loses its elasticity over time. The greater the volume of the breasts, the sooner it happens. Breasts start to sag to varying degrees.

With large implants over the pectoral muscle, more frequent corrections needed (eg. in few years with oversize implants) than smaller implants under the muscle.

Larger implants may solve the problem of sagging as well, but certain changes that inevitably occur in life (such as pregnancy and breastfeeding) can justify Breast Lift after previous surgery with even normal sized or smaller implants.

Click here to read more about Breast Lift.

3. Breast Volume Increase with Lipofilling

Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer (also called Lipofilling) also gives an opportunity to a smaller volume replacement, it is a great treatment option for moderate asymmetry, and helps to adhere the implants if needed.

In some cases, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is the most effective for Breast Correction After Previous Surgery, during which we perform Liposuction from other body areas, and after special processing method, we inject them into the desired area in tiny droplets.

Find out more about Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation here.

Breast Surgery Info

Complex information page with a description of the breast surgery procedures, a unique glossary - an explanation of the most important terms - and essential knowledge on the pre-and post-operative period.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear doctor,
I have developed hard breasts after 15 years of wearing quality implants. I must have developed capsular contracture with outhinning of the tissues. Is it more expensive to operate me like others? What may I expect. What operation do you think must be performed on me, based on the pictures I sent.

Thank you, Kate

Click here to see the answer 2018-12-05

Dear Doctor,

What you can suggest for me, I want get bigger breasts, but I want double bigger 1800cc - 2300cc. Can doctor use Expander implants for me? then can fill up till desired size or better 2 times surgery with silicone implants?

Other thing, I am interest also buttock augmentation, I want combined implants with fat transfer, because I want also big hips.
But I want know how big doctor can do? Because I want over 1000cc
There is possibility order 1000cc buttock implants + fat transfer?

I am gained now +10kg so I have some fat now.

Here is some examples what I like:
Large buttock, big hips and slim waist.

Breasts like this:


Click here to see the answer 2017-03-16

Dear dr. Pataki,

I have been placed elswhere in Europe special anatomical (500cc) implants from under the breast tissue, to under the chest muscle, as I had severe implant contractures. My breast (especially nipples) is sagging above the implant a little bit, and I am unhappy with the result. I am sending you fotos and documents (operation record) and would ask you to tell me your honest opinion about my case. Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Delaware, US

Click here to see the answer 2016-02-28

Dear Doctor Pataki,

I had three breast surgeries by now, done by different plastic surgeons and was never satisfied with the result. I had a breast implant exchange 8 month ago, the severely contracted implant was changed to a polyurethan covered one. The pocket was modified to a submuscular. I didnt want the implant size the surgeon told me, becouse I thought that it will be too large. I am still smoking, have been doing so for 10 years. I was also given an internal breast lift, as I did not want external scars. I was first happy with results. It was such a surprise a few months after later for one on my breasts to drop so dramatically leaving me so lopsided. I still have pain sometimes in the breast.
My doctor suggests me an external lift, he says that could solve the problem. He does not give more explanation.
I dont know what to do. Could you explain me the situation, I am sending some pictures attached.

Could you do the operation? I could stay for 5 days in Hungary. I am very low with my budget, could you discount your price?

Thank you very Much


Click here to see the answer 2016-02-28

Dear dr. Pataki,

I am 5'9 inch height and weigh 10st 4 oz. I smoke and take hormone replacement tablet for the menopause . I am 51 years old and have silicone implants for 18 yrs.
I will forward pictures by email of breast with capsular . I believe they are smooth coated and about 575 cc.

This would be my 4th surgery. I do not want my bra size bigger , just replacement as shape and look is very bad as they are projecting outward due to squeeze capsular and need to lye flat . I would prefer textured implants as I understand capsule rate is much less. I think also need dual plane as I don't have much breast fat.

Thank you for all your suggestions,


Click here to see the answer 2015-03-07

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I have capsular contracture, with thinnin out of my breast tissues and a visible sagging. My 16 y old implants are above the muscle and were placed in the United Kingdom. How would you exchange these implants with reaching the best possible result ? Do you specialise in this problem ?
What can I do for the treatment ?
Which options do you suggest?
Sincerely yours,

Thank you for your help,

Manchester, UK

Click here to see the answer 2015-03-06

Dear Doctor Pataki,

I would like to undergo breast implant surgery with the best available implant. I have breast asymmetry.
I have a few questions about the implant, incision and costs.
I note that you use high quality implants. It is the Hydrogel prosthesis that interests me as the safety aspect is exceptional.
Does your clinic use Hydrogel implants?
The transaxillial route is my preferred incision. Do you use an endoscope procedure for this or does he use another technique?

The quote you have provided fits my expectations. Does this amount include the 27% government tax or does this need to added?

Thank you for your assistance

Best wishes

Click here to see the answer 2013-10-20

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I cannot grow familiar with my breasts with the silicone implants. I have them operated on the solicitation of my boyfriend, but our relationship has ended. The surgery was three months ago. I have so regretted it! The implants are really disturbing me. I had small (75B), but nice, aesthetical breasts before the augmentation. What should I count on if I would have them removed? Could I get my old breasts back? I have 280 cc implants under the glandula. Would you undertake the surgery? Wouldn’t it look like ugly?
Thank you!


Click here to see the answer 2012-10-03

Dear Doctor,

I am desperate. I had breast surgery in 2008. I know that the utilisation of the low-grade implants is not the operating surgeon’s fault, but I should pay him for a preventive ultrasound examination. I am divorced and I am raising two young children therefore I cannot afford this.
Hospitals receive me only with referral, but where can I find an ultrasound examination which is carried out to determine the possible problems? Aren’t these issues managed like a treadmill? Where can I ask for help without a penny if there is trouble? Who or which hospital or plastic surgery could deal with such problems for nominal charge?

Thank you for your help,

Click here to see the answer 2012-05-23

Dear Doctor,
I had a breast enlargement. I am really disappointed and am crying all the time. There is a vallecula on one of my breasts. The surgeon placed the implant under the glandula even though we agreed on dual. My breasts are just hanging down. I hate that I always have to wear my bra. I can't sleep like this, I can't live like this. The size of my breasts are what they used to be when I was wearing a push-up bra. Back then it was much better because I could just take the bra off and be comfortable. Now this is impossible and my breasts are really uncomfortable, tight. I hate these, I want my old breasts back. Is there any way of re-doing this? What would my breasts look like then? I made the biggest mistake of my life, I can't live like this anymore. The surgeon is only willing to see me next year, I think he does not want to deal with my issues. I can't live with these breasts. They are strange, I want the implants out. I am thinking about suicide because I just can't cope with what I have done to my breasts. They weren’t ugly just small and they were the size of my current breasts when wearing a push-up bra. It was much better like that. It was much more comfortable – if I wanted to look like I had bigger breasts, I just put on a push-up bra. I can't even buy a decent bra now, just those silly sport bras which hide the size of my breasts anyway so no-one can actually see how big they are. I do not know what to do, I can't go on like this, I want to kill myself. I know others are happy with their new breasts but I feel like my life has ended only after 2 months of having these new breasts. My breasts are really hanging down... I know others complain about the contrary – well, good for them! I am really angry at whoever came up with the implant-idea, it drives people into this silliness. You hear it from everywhere, from the TV, magazines, etc. Like this was such a cool thing. Could I get the implants removed after 2 months? What will my breasts look like after taking the 360 cc nagor out? How do they remove them? I do not know if I will like the look of my breasts when they take the implants out, maybe the look of that will drive me to suicide. I can't take this anymore, I was such a fool and no-one warned me of the consequences. :(
Yours faithfully,

Click here to see the answer 2011-11-18

Dear Dr. Pataki,
I got implants. I asked my surgeon for big breasts and I ended up with average-sized ones. What would be your opinion in such a situation? Have you ever received complaints about such a thing? If so, did you operate on them again? I feel mislead.
Yours Sincerely,

Click here to see the answer 2011-11-15

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