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Breast Augmentation with Implants

The purpose of Cosmetic Breast Augmentation is to correct the shape, the size, the form and the possible asymmetry of female breasts. Nowadays this is possible only with plastic surgical procedure. Several methods may solve these problems.

Here you can read about breast enlargement with implants.

(Alternatives  under separate menu options:

– Breast Augmentation with autologous fat transfer
– Breast Augmentation with hyaluronic acid

About Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants, Breast Surgery)

A woman’s breasts, and the décolletage itself, are the main symbols of feminine beauty.

Thanks to the media, we encounter idealized breasts in every second. However, the important thing is to define what is, or what would be ideal for you. This goal is reachable with smaller or larger plastic surgery intervention.

Plastic surgery has become the fastest growing medical branch of the world. Various studies worldwide found that 90% of patients are satisfied or very satisfied with their decision to get breast implants. About 400 000 women go under Breast Augmentation in the world annually, most of them get silicone implants. About 75% are for cosmetic reasons, the rest for reconstruction after cancer surgery.

Year after year there are great advances in the procedures and technical development of the implants, so more and more people feel confident and secure about having resorted to them – in Hungary, and abroad as well.

Cosmetic Breast Enhancement is one of the most popular plastic surgery interventions these days.

Breast Augmentation with implants has a history dating back more than 50 years. More than 30 million women have taken advantage of this plastic surgery since then. The great majority of them told about improvements in quality of life and self-esteem – the risks are really low compared to this.

Of course, Cosmetic Breast Augmentation is a surgery – with all of the consequences of an invasive medical intervention. If you are properly informed about the procedures, and have realistic expectations, we can say that you may boldly undertake the surgery.

During a Breast Augmentation we should not follow the current trends, because the patient’s physique is more important. The new shape of the breasts will match their appearance. It is not intended to create too large or unnatural breasts.

A Cosmetic Breast Augmentation can lead to a significant improvement in quality of life. For best results, a proper consultation with an extensively experienced plastic surgeon, and adequate preparation are needed.

Prior to the surgery, we have a detailed and comprehensive educational and informative conversation with our prospective patients. During this, we describe thoroughly the nature of the surgery with its expected outcome, possible risks, and follow-up treatment’s process and duration. We are in continuous contact with our patients to allow them to discuss possible issues, and provide them all the information they need.

Before Breast Augmentation you should check this 3D software to makeimplant sizing easier. (ZIP code must be provided to enter.)

On demand, our Premium Plastic Surgery models the expected outcome with a more detailed technique.

What Kind Of Implants Do We Use?

Implants are continuously being developed, with more and more shapes, types and sizes available. Thousands of women are happy with their high quality, cohesive silicone-gel breast implants in Hungary, in the USA, and around the world.

3D imaging techniques allow an improved planning process for a better result tailored to the patient. More accurate visualization gives help in case of Breast Augmentation or Liposuction.

The new generation of silicone implants used for Breast Augmentation in our Premium Plastic Surgery. In shape and feel they are like natural breasts, and do not cause foreign body sensation.

The implants we use represent a much better quality compared to other brands: their stable, cohesive gel structure prevents the filling from leaking, even in case of an accident. These implants rarely cause connective tissue inflammation, because its surface connects to the own body tissues optimally.

We purchase our implants from the top manufacturers of the world, absolutely meeting both the European and our own criteria of quality. They have quality certificates, and come with a guarantee in case of problems.

In our Premium Plastic Surgery, the patient’s physique is taken into account when planning the new breast size. Drop shaped implants are used most frequently, because they give the most natural form.

We also perform Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer. (More details soon!)

Methods For Breast Augmentation

There are several options for inserting the implants.

1. A 3-4 cm long incision in the crease under the breasts. This is the most secure, least invasive technique with minimal risks, leading to a beautiful result. We can insert the implants safely, and create a nice-looking form. No harm for the front area of the breasts, for the breast glands, and the milk ducts. The small cut becomes barely visible after a few days.

2. Alternatively, the implants can be placed through a small incision under the areola. In this case, the sensitivity of the nipple may be damaged. This method cannot be applied to young women, as the front of the breast glands can be damaged as well. Areola incision creates only a minimal scar on the surface, but may cause problems with the milk ducts, too.

3. It is also possible to insert breast implants through a 3-5 cm incision under the armpits. However, this method can be used only for small implants. Unfortunately, the lymphatics and lymph nodes may become damaged. Endoscope is required to perform this technically difficult surgery. (First Breast Augmentation in our Premium Plastic Surgery was made this way.)

4. We can insert the implants through the navel, but this is the most difficult method. Endoscope is needed, and only saline implants can be used.

Where Do We Place The Breast Implant?

During the surgery, we place the breast implant behind the breast glands: either in front of the pectoral muscle, or behind that. Usually the latter option is preferred in our clinic. Breast Enlargement is a humane procedure done under general anesthesia, with beautiful and natural results. The implants cannot be distinguished of the original breast tissues by touch, and do not cause any foreign body sensation.

In order to place the implants in front of the pectoral muscle, a sufficient quantity of breast tissue is needed to cover it completely. If this condition is not met, the implant is placed behind the pectoral muscle.

Behind-the-muscle intervention is always done under general anesthesia. Visible traces of the surgery become barely visible after 2-3 days. Stich removal is rarely required, thanks to the dissolvable stitches.

In our clinic, we work only with the latest, well-tolerable, anatomically shaped implants of excellent quality. (We tend to choose drop-shaped ones, but other alternatives are available on demand. Thanks to the consistency of the filling material, it will not leak even in case of an accident.

Since the incisions are only 3-4 cm long, traces of the Breast Augmentation are barely visible.

The combination of quality implants and appropriate surgical technique allows a natural and aesthetic result.

What Are The Risks Of Breast Augmentation?

Generally speaking, cosmetic breast surgery is among the low-risk medical interventions – if performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. In the operating room, sterile environment must be provided, since we implant a foreign material into the human body. Our clinic meets this requirement perfectly. Thanks to the ideal conditions, the risk of complications (like infection or bleeding) is minimal. You can trust our expertise!

We have an informative consultation with our prospective patients before the surgery, where the process, the possible risks and the follow-up care are discussed in detail. This gives an opportunity to answer all the questions, and supply all the missing information.

A goal of a Breast Augmentiton is not to create unnaturally large breasts, or „melons glued to the chest”. Our duty is rather to design a breast shape that matches the patient’s body type. In our clinic, we always keep this in mind. Therefore, we often choose drop-shaped implantsdepending on the breast shape, because it leads to the most natural result based on our experience.

Breast Augmentation Prices

A number of factors affect the determination of the price of a cosmetic breast surgery: the patient’s individual features, the complexity of the procedure, the possible combination of procedures, and the type of breast implants. This is why we are working with individual prices fixed after a personal consultation.

Generally speaking, the price of plastic surgery contains the following services in our clinic:

– Safe, state of the art sewing materials and ligaments.

– Staying in a private hospital with full board.

– Three meals a day with special diet options, depending on the post-intervention condition.

– A special bra and breast implant strap.

(Please visit our Hospital and Clinic pages for further information.)

Breast Augmentation And Breast Lift At The Same Time?

Yes! In many cases, for example, after pregnancy and childbirth, or huge weight gain or weight loss, a Breast Lift may be also necessary for the most beautiful result. Breast Lift may be performed after Breast Augmentation, during one surgery.

Before Breast Augmentation

We advise slight lifestyle changes a few days before your Breast Augmentation procedure. It is important to avoid smoking to ensure proper healing, because nicotine narrows the blood vessels, thereby hinders the regeneration processes and wound healing.

Consume light meals, take vitamins (C and Zink), and drink plenty of fluids. Do not take blood thinners (such as aspirin) and natural medicines a week before Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Breast Augmentation always should be performed by a plastic surgeon!

After Breast Augmentation

One-night hospital stay is necessary.

For 6 weeks after surgery, a special bra should be worn, which provides a comfortable feeling, ideal for holding the breasts, and does not limit any activity. No particular need for wound care, as they are barely visible after 2-3 days. Strong sunlight must be avoided, just like after every other kind of surgery.

The small incisions may be closed in the tissue of the skin and under the skin with double-layer subcuticular running closure. This is not visible from the outside, and done with a fine continuous suture, which is usually removable 14 days after the surgery (except for the dissolvable stitches). Then a special silicone gel patch should be worn for several weeks to ensure optimal, almost invisible scars.

With dissolvable stitches there is no need for stitch removal, but we still use the silicone gel sheeting.

A few days later it is OK to do some daily activities easier, but strenuous physical activity should be avoided in the first 2 weeks after Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Sport is forbidden for 4-6 weeks. After this, certain type of light training can be started, in regard to the state of the chest (e.g.: running or gym with a special bra). Throwing sports, tennis, ball games and extreme sports only after consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Results of a Breast Augmentation (and also of a Breast Lift of a Breast Reduction) are immediate, absolutely visible, and very long-term.

Usually there are no special health risks. Capsular contracture is a rare complication, that may occur later, but thanks to the latest techniques and implants it is less and less common.

New Methods For Breast Augmentation

– Breast Augmentation with autologous fat transfer (Lipofilling)
– Breast Augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The Result Of Plastic Surgery

Small or sagging breasts will become shapely again following a Breast Augmentation. Our patients often talk about a restored harmony between body and soul, and renewed personal relations during the follow-up examinations.

Decisions and Choices with dr. Pataki– Implants, Incisions and Sizing

You may have your aesthetic goals clearly in mind when beginning your research, but there are many choices to make and different options to take to reach those goals.

Dr. Pataki will guide you through those choices and the selection of those options that will best match your aesthetic goals. While Dr. Pataki will review this information with you during your consultation, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the basics.

Dr. Pataki uses silicone gel implants, and their benefits will be explained by Dr. Pataki. Implants used at Pataki Plastic Surgery in Hungary are the highest quality polymer-based shell filled to an appropriate size based on your goals with the highest quality silicone gel. The choice of which implant  to use ( round or anatomic ) will depend greatly on your aesthetic goals, life style, and anatomy.

The latest generation of silicone gel implants afford a natural, generally very soft feel.  Dr. Pataki has never ever used PIP implants and extends his sympathy to those women who are concerned about their Breast Augmentation at this time. Read more:

What are the incision options?

The insertion site for the implant varies based on the type of implant, aesthetic choice, life style and basic physiology. The most common sites for insertion used by Dr. Pataki for silicone-based implants are inframammary (the fold where the breast meets the torso) and the axillary (the underarm). Each site has its advantages and Dr. Pataki will be happy to review which options would be best for you during your consultation. The implants are usually placed under the muscle below your breast in order to conceal the implant and give it a more natural appearance, however placement above the muscle can also be done.


How can I know what size implant I need?

The final and most important decision is choosing the size of the implant. This is a very personal decision and we pride ourselves on helping our patients achieve the look they want. To that end, we use two methods that help the patient select the “right” size. First, we place the implants in a fitted shirt and bra so that you can see how the implant works with your natural curves. Placing implants in a bra is one of the easiest and most effective ways for patients to truly get a feel for the physical size of the implant, its weight, and the immediate effect the implants have on the patient’s silhouette.

3D Imaging to help you choose...

After our patients feel comfortable with a particular range of sizes, we then use the 3D Imaging System so that you can see how the implants may appear on your frame. After all, each woman has her own unique curves and shape, and trying to find your shape on the internet or in our before and after photos is often challenging. With 3D imaging, our patients can simulate results of breast augmentation using different sizes. You can see a simplified version of this 3D sizing simulation by using the tool on this website. (This feature is yet being uploaded)

However, the 3D imaging available in our office is much more sophisticated and can help greatly in the decision-making process on sizing.

Dr. Pataki uses in normal cases Natrelle Premium Implants

Where quality and shape really matter, then Natrelle™ Breast Implants areone of the best choice. Manufactured by Allergan, Natrelle™ Breast implants really are the top of our range and offer distinct advantages for the more demanding customer:-

  • Range of over 500 implant choices to meet your exact requirements
  • 4 projections, 4 gel types, smooth or textured surface
  • Natural “anatomical” shape option for the natural look or traditional round shape
  • Biodynamics® Breast Analysis System for bespoke implant selection with visualisation to enable you to “try on” the new implants and visualise the outcome of surgery
  • Allergan lifetime guarantee

Allergan Natrelle™ Breast Implant Information

Allergan Natrelle™ are premium breast implants offering excellent performance, enhanced Lifetime Aftercare cover and a vast array of choice to suit the most demanding customer. The implants are fully endorsed by our team of specialist aesthetic cosmetic surgeons.

The number of women choosing Natrelle™ breast implants continues to grow as more and more people choose to pay a little extra to get exactly what they want with the reassurance of an excellent safety record backed up with Natrelle’s own warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do you pick from over 500 implants?!

The breadth of range in Allergan Natrelle™ means that you can be very precise about the look you want to achieve. It’s not just about size, but also shape – these implants come in round or anatomical shapes with a variety of projections and choice of 2 textures and 4 gel types.

Dr. Pataki uses the latest 3D Matrix – Breast Analysis System. He will measure you very precisely – up to 36 measurements may be taken – and after discussion of your individual requirements and expectations in terms of cleavage, shape, size and feel to achieve the best possible bespoke result.

The Breast Analysis System also includes a clever breast implant visualisation system to enable you to see in the consultation the look your breast enlargement would achieve. This system includes a specially designed vest, bra and a range of external ‘simulated breast prosthesis’ – these are a bit like “chicken fillets”, but very much more sophisticated! Seeing yourself with the perfect breast size and shape is very powerful and for some people quite moving – you can literally see and feel the difference breast augmentation will make to your body shape. It’s also an opportunity, if needed, to fine-tune the selection of implants e.g. to create more or less cleavage. It’s an incredibly sophisticated process and a very precise way of visualising your breast augmentation and ensuring the best possible implant to meet your personal requirements and expectations.

Q: I Understand Size, But What’s “Projection”?

Natrelle™ breast implants are available in sizes up to 850cc, but size isn’t everything. The combination of the right shape, style, texture and projection (the distance your breast implants extend outward from the chest) are equally important to delivering the right result. You may be surprised to see that a smaller implant but correctly shaped will give a more flattering result than just going for size alone. The extensive range of options with Natrelle™ enable you to achieve just the look you want.

Natrelle™ breast implants are available with both smooth and textured shells and a choice of 4 gels – again, the right choices based on your current dimensions and personal breast requirements will deliver the best possible result. Dr. Pataki will advise on this.

Q: What are the shape options?

Natrelle™ breast implants are available in round or anatomical shape

Features of Round Shaped Natrelle™Implants:

Kerek implantátum

  • Optimal gel fill for minimal rippling
  • BIOCELL™ texture contributes to lower capsular contracture rates
  • 360º INTRASHIEL™ barrier layer minimises silicone gel diffusion
  • High performance silicone elastomer layers for enhanced shell integrity

Features of Anatomical Shaped Natrelle™Implants:

  • Anatomical design provides a natural and proportionate breast shape
  • “Form Stable Gel” ensures predictable and long lasting shape
  • BIOCELL™ texture contributes to lower capsular contracture rates
  • 360º INTRASHIEL™ barrier layer minimises silicone gel diffusion
Q: Why trust Natrelle™ breast implants?
  • Natrelle™ is a global brand supported by Allergan’s 30+ years of experience of manufacturing breast implants
  • Allergan continually invest in research and development to ensure high levels of safety and innovative products
  • More clinical data to support the safety of Natrelle™ products than any other breast implant manufacturer
  • 98% patient satisfaction at 9 years when Natrelle™ used in breast augmentation
Q: Tell me about the quality…
  • The implants are made in a totally sterile environment and are FDA approved
  • Natrelle™ implants are constructed with 6 layers, including a barrier layer
  • 360° intrashiel barrier minimises silicone diffusion. To illustrate this, if you were to place an old style implant on a piece of brown paper and leave it there when you remove it you will see a grease mark – that is silicone diffusion. The Natrelle™ 360° intrashiel barrier layer minimises the silicone diffusion
  • natrelle cohesive implantAllergan Natrelle™ implants offer unique BIOCELL™ texture, and studies show lower incidence of capsular contracture
  • Natrelle™ implants offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, so you know you are buying the best implants
  • Implants are made of highly stable cohesive gel – see what happens if you cut one open
Q: Do They Cost More than Ordinary Implants?
Yes, there is a premium for Natrelle™ implants. However, this little extra buys you peace of mind with the Lifetime Guarantee, as well as our top of the range implant with an extraordinary range of fitting options to get the best possible result. The quality of these implants is such that problems are relatively rare, but for your peace of mind the Lifetime Guarantee will provide you with FREE replacement Natrelle™ implants of your choice.
Q: After a breast augmentation with implants, what does the follow-up care mean? What about the healing process?
After breast augmentation, our patients spend one night at the clinic. On the day of dismissal, we remove the drains (if there are any) and put the special post-operative compression bra on them, which should be worn for 6 weeks. (The answer continues HERE.)
Q: How can I find out more?

The best way forward is to book a consultation with surgeons. If you are interested in Natrelle™ implants, book a  consultation.  Then, using the implant visualisation system, you will be able to literally see for yourself the look you are trying to achieve using the special vest and visualisation implants. It really is the “wow factor”, but if you’re not quite happy, don’t worry, it’s the perfect opportunity to refine your choice of shape, style and size before you commit to any surgery.

In special conditions dr. Pataki also uses german manufactured Polytech implants.  His favourite is the 4 Two Implant series. These special implants are filled with two highly cross-linked, cohesive, formstable clear gels: the softer EasyFit Gel at the back and the firmer Shaper Gel at the front. The softer gel at the back of the implant ensures that the implant molds smoothly to the rib cage and provides for a natural movement of the breast. The firmer gel at the front and the dome-shaped projection facilitate nipple positioning and support the residual breast tissue in push-up style. These implants are also available with Polyurethan coverage.

Breast Augmentation Videos

Breast Surgery Info

Complex information page with a description of the breast surgery procedures, a unique glossary - an explanation of the most important terms - and essential knowledge on the pre-and post-operative period.

Ask the plastic surgeon!

Dear Dr. Pataki, you suggested Internal Mastopexy with B-Lite Breast Implants during our consultation. I have few questions: 1. How will the result be if I don’t do the internal mastopexy? 2. If I do with mastopexy where will I have the scar ? Will I have it like long big one or just a small one around the nipple? 3. Does B-lite anatomical implants also have wide range of sizes and shapes for my desired look? 4. Is There a big difference between the B-lite and Natelle implants? Apart from that the b-life is lighter .. does it has as soft natural feel to it? Thank you so much for your help and explanations. Have a nice day, Sylvia

Click here to see the answer 2018-12-06

Hello dr. Pataki,

I am Nicole a mother of three children.I wanted a breast augmentation because my breasts are small. After my last child two years ago,my breast got up to full B but sadly once my milk disappeared,so did my breasts.I am very flat chested. I wear a 32A bra around but I do not fill it at all

I am 35 years old.5 ft 7 in,my weight is about 53 kg,my cup size is A cup. I want to enlarge my breast to full C cup size. I hope that you will be available in July to give me the treatment because that is the time i want to travel for the treatment. If the treatment will be possible in your clinic at that time please let me know and also the date that is most suitable to you for the appointment.

I want to know all the requirements needed for the treatment including the duration of the treatment.

Thanks for a quick reply.

Miami, USA

Click here to see the answer 2017-05-21

Dear Dr. Pataki,

We are looking for a very high quality clinic in Hungary, and I would like to have a breast augemntation soon.

What are the options,

Sincerely Yours,

Click here to see the answer 2017-01-15

Dear dr. Pataki,

I have been placed elswhere in Europe special anatomical (500cc) implants from under the breast tissue, to under the chest muscle, as I had severe implant contractures. My breast (especially nipples) is sagging above the implant a little bit, and I am unhappy with the result. I am sending you fotos and documents (operation record) and would ask you to tell me your honest opinion about my case. Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Delaware, US

Click here to see the answer 2016-02-28

Dear Doctor Pataki,

I had three breast surgeries by now, done by different plastic surgeons and was never satisfied with the result. I had a breast implant exchange 8 month ago, the severely contracted implant was changed to a polyurethan covered one. The pocket was modified to a submuscular. I didnt want the implant size the surgeon told me, becouse I thought that it will be too large. I am still smoking, have been doing so for 10 years. I was also given an internal breast lift, as I did not want external scars. I was first happy with results. It was such a surprise a few months after later for one on my breasts to drop so dramatically leaving me so lopsided. I still have pain sometimes in the breast.
My doctor suggests me an external lift, he says that could solve the problem. He does not give more explanation.
I dont know what to do. Could you explain me the situation, I am sending some pictures attached.

Could you do the operation? I could stay for 5 days in Hungary. I am very low with my budget, could you discount your price?

Thank you very Much


Click here to see the answer 2016-02-28

Dear Dr. Pataki,

My girlfriens wants an implant exchange to an oversized one.

Ok I will include some photos in this email and ask some more questions if I may?
My girlfriend wants extra high profile if you do them and anatomical shape, she would also like to know what brand you use as there is a new type of silicone gel implant that is 30% lighter than all the others, very useful when going extra large. The brand name is B-Lite, they were developed in Israel but are manufactured in Germany. Please see enclosed video; also could you tell me how long once we go ahead will it take to supply the custom implants as my girlfriend needs to apply for a visa from Thailand. As you can see her last Thai surgeon did a poor job and made the pockets at different heights also her nipples riding high on her breast, can this be corrected?

I am waiting to your answer


Click here to see the answer 2015-09-25

Dear Edit,

Please excuse me. You wrote to me quite some time ago and this response is well overdue.

I would be in a position to schedule my check up for sometime in June on a Wednesday or Thursday.

The scars are healing and the shape has improved considerably. I am concerned that the feeling is still very hard and absolutely noticeable. Is this likely to still soften or more likely the result by now?

Thank you and kind regards,


Click here to see the answer 2015-04-22

Dear dr. Pataki,

I am 5'9 inch height and weigh 10st 4 oz. I smoke and take hormone replacement tablet for the menopause . I am 51 years old and have silicone implants for 18 yrs.
I will forward pictures by email of breast with capsular . I believe they are smooth coated and about 575 cc.

This would be my 4th surgery. I do not want my bra size bigger , just replacement as shape and look is very bad as they are projecting outward due to squeeze capsular and need to lye flat . I would prefer textured implants as I understand capsule rate is much less. I think also need dual plane as I don't have much breast fat.

Thank you for all your suggestions,


Click here to see the answer 2015-03-07

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I have capsular contracture, with thinnin out of my breast tissues and a visible sagging. My 16 y old implants are above the muscle and were placed in the United Kingdom. How would you exchange these implants with reaching the best possible result ? Do you specialise in this problem ?
What can I do for the treatment ?
Which options do you suggest?
Sincerely yours,

Thank you for your help,

Manchester, UK

Click here to see the answer 2015-03-06

Dear Dr. Pataki,

You have a very good reputation in London. I have heard about your wonderfull and natural breast enlargement results on fashion models. I am sixteen years of age and my breasts are too small. I know i'm young, but i am extreemly unhappy with my breast size. People say that i am still growing but i've been the same bust size sinse i was 13 years old, my mom has small size too. I don't want to have huge boobs just normal size, so i'll feel more confident with myself. I was just wondering if any surgeon anywhere would perform breast augmentation on me ? Is there is any chance at all of getting this done? thank you. Priscilla

Click here to see the answer 2013-10-20

Dear Doctor Pataki,

I would like to undergo breast implant surgery with the best available implant. I have breast asymmetry.
I have a few questions about the implant, incision and costs.
I note that you use high quality implants. It is the Hydrogel prosthesis that interests me as the safety aspect is exceptional.
Does your clinic use Hydrogel implants?
The transaxillial route is my preferred incision. Do you use an endoscope procedure for this or does he use another technique?

The quote you have provided fits my expectations. Does this amount include the 27% government tax or does this need to added?

Thank you for your assistance

Best wishes

Click here to see the answer 2013-10-20

Dear Dr. Pataki,

My question would be whether it is possible to have a breast augmentation surgery under national insurance if it is supported by a psychiatrist's referral?

Click here to see the answer 2013-09-10

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I am a 25 year-old lady. In the course of the past 1.5 years I've lost a lot of weight and the shape of my breasts changed. They don't look too bad, still their appearance really bother me. My question would be whether it is possible to have a breast-lift procedure without general anaeshetics and perform it with local anaesthetics? I am scared of general anaesthesia and therefore would also like to know the side-effects please.

Thank you in advance.

Click here to see the answer 2013-05-16

Dear Doctor,

I would like to know if I could have an abdominoplasty and a breast augmentation surgery supported via national insurance. This was recommended by my radiologist during my pregnancy due to change in appearance. I had 30 kg extra weight, my skin got very loose, my breasts are really small, I have really low self esteem and even my husband left me. I would like to move on and meet others but this is impossible with the current state of my body. I feel frustrated even when I see the doctor. Once I used to be admired and now I have absolutely none of this. All I want is a decent relationship and a pleasant appearance even if I have a baby boy. Currently I am unemployed but before I go back to working in health care, I would like to have these corrective surgeries done (hopefully for an acceptable price). I am a 33-year old mum from Budapest. I would be most grateful if somebody could get in touch with regards of the process of applying for a procedure.

Thank you for your answer in advance!

Click here to see the answer 2013-03-18

Dear Dr. Pataki,

Is it true, that the less water touches the wound of breast augmentation the faster it is healing? Won’t it make any trouble if I have a shower only in every two weeks? Is it really heals sonner?
Thank you for your help,


Click here to see the answer 2012-12-01

Dear Doctor,

I am already 30 years old and I have always been ashamed of my breasts, which I have been concealing in my entire life. There is such a great difference between my breasts as if they were two women’s breasts. Their shape and even the aerolas are radically different. It is really shocking! Is it necessary to carry out several corrective surgeries in such cases, or is it possible to put them right in the frame of one complex operation? What outcome can I count on? I know, that this is hard to predict without a having a look at them.
Thank you for your answer in advance,


Click here to see the answer 2012-11-07

Dear Doctor,

I have three beautiful sons, whom I have nursed for 6 years in all, each for 2 years. My breasts are are really sagging. Although I am happy with the size of them, but they are hanging down in an ugly way. I would like to ask whether there is anything to do with the issue, because it truly disturbs me.

Thank you for your answer in advance!

Click here to see the answer 2012-10-05

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I cannot grow familiar with my breasts with the silicone implants. I have them operated on the solicitation of my boyfriend, but our relationship has ended. The surgery was three months ago. I have so regretted it! The implants are really disturbing me. I had small (75B), but nice, aesthetical breasts before the augmentation. What should I count on if I would have them removed? Could I get my old breasts back? I have 280 cc implants under the glandula. Would you undertake the surgery? Wouldn’t it look like ugly?
Thank you!


Click here to see the answer 2012-10-03

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I had a breast surgery and my back is really sore. I went to see a rheumatologist the other day and he recommended BEMER magnetic therapy. My breast surgery was 4 days ago. Can I attend the therapy or would it have any negative affects? I didn’t tell the rheumatologist that I had a breast surgery. I have a 395 cc Nagor implant in dual plane position.

Yours faitfully,


Click here to see the answer 2012-09-25

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I am planning to have a breast augmentation surgery. I have been reading a lot about it and I got a bit scared having read that many girls’ implant has ”slided down” and they needed to have 1-3 correction surgeries (one of them even had it done with a well-known surgeon!). I don’t seem to be able to find anything regarding this issue. Please help me understand why and how this can happen that there are girls whose breasts move downwards three months post-surgery. Why doesn’t they stay in their place? And would I experience more pain with the implants if I usually experience breast pain when I have my period? I had an ultrasound which showed that everything was healthy and that the increase in hormons causes the breast pain from ovulation to the start of the period.

Yours Sincerely,


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Dear Dr. Pataki,

I would like to ask you about the following question: Is it possible that the sensibility will return in that occurrence, if 4 months after my breast reduction, my nipples and also my areola are still completely insensible? Is there any way to stimulate it? If there won’t be any improvement expected, is it possible to solve the problem with a corrective surgery?

Thank you for your help in advance,

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Dear Doctor,

I am desperate. I had breast surgery in 2008. I know that the utilisation of the low-grade implants is not the operating surgeon’s fault, but I should pay him for a preventive ultrasound examination. I am divorced and I am raising two young children therefore I cannot afford this.
Hospitals receive me only with referral, but where can I find an ultrasound examination which is carried out to determine the possible problems? Aren’t these issues managed like a treadmill? Where can I ask for help without a penny if there is trouble? Who or which hospital or plastic surgery could deal with such problems for nominal charge?

Thank you for your help,

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
My breast surgery (augmentation) will be one year old in the near future. I would like to ask you, whether it is possible now to carry out a CT exam instead of mammography to look at the condition of breasts? I heard that this examination is painless and provides more detailed results, because it is able to examine the areas behind the prosthesis as well. They say that the exam is carried out in prone position, not like the mammography.
Thank you for your answer in advance,

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
I met your name on a forum page, dealing with breast augmentation, on the Internet, and I read really good things about you.
My problem is the following: there is a fibroadenoma in both of my breasts. My family doctor said, that if they do not cause problems (they are not growing or hurting), then there is no reason to agitate them. Is this true? If these nodes were removed from my breasts, surely they would disappear then (without a breast augmentation).
I would like to ask, whether you see any opportunities to remove the nodes (fibroadenomas) and carry out a breast augmentation surgery at the same time? If yes, then I would like you to be my operating surgeon.
Thank you for your help in advance!
Yours faithfully,
Z. Anna Gloria

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
I had breast surgery 8 months ago. I was on ultrasound examination one week ago, and fortunately everything was found in perfect shape. I do not really have any complaints, sometimes (I think because of weather changes) I feel some pinching pain. I wear the sport bra during the day and many times during the night as well, because I feel it truly comfortable.
My question would be the following: Do I have to make an appointment with my surgeon if I haven’t got any complaints? If yes, how long and how often is it recommended to visit him?
Thank you for your answer!

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Dear Doctor,
I would like to ask, whether it is true that it is not recommended to carry out a breast surgery during the summer, because of the greater risk of infections? I would like to have a breast enlargement, and augmentation with an implant.
Thank you for your help in advance!

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
Is it really means that my breast are sagging, if a pencil remains under my lower part of breasts?
However I have had a breast surgery not so long ago. It does not seem considerable, but actually the pencil remains there.
Thank you for your help!

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Dear Doctor,
I am 20 years old and I have absolutely small tuberous breasts, but fortunately they are the same size and shape. I would not like to enlarge them at all. It would be my biggest dream to have them a little more rounded.
Is it possible to change the shape of tuberous breasts with a quite small implant? I heard, that in case of tuberous breasts corrective surgeries (like breast lift surgery and nipple reduction) are necessary in addition to insertion of the implants.
To be honest, I could bear financially the insertion of the implants, but I cannot afford more surgeries. Is it possible to get off only with the breast augmentation, and have my breasts more rounded with nothing but the implants?
Thank you very much for your answer in advance!


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Dear Doctor,
I was operated because of breast cancer 10 years ago. Unfortunately my breast had to be completely excenterated. An adjustable breast implant was inserted under the muscle, but over the years it has creased. I put on some weight because I was reached by menopause therefore the difference between my breasts has become significant. I always have to stuff my bra with textile insertions to make my breasts look alike to a certain degree.
My question is: is there any way of reconstructing my breast from my own tissues?
I look forward to your answer, which I thank you in advance!
Yours faithfully,

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
One of my scars is 4, and the other is 5 cm long after my breast augmentation. This really annoys me. I wonder why could this happen. My breasts were alike and now the implants are the same size in both as well. Is it possible that my surgery was carried out by two surgeons, but they did not tell me this exactly?
Thank you!

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Dear Doctor,
I had a breast enlargement. I am really disappointed and am crying all the time. There is a vallecula on one of my breasts. The surgeon placed the implant under the glandula even though we agreed on dual. My breasts are just hanging down. I hate that I always have to wear my bra. I can't sleep like this, I can't live like this. The size of my breasts are what they used to be when I was wearing a push-up bra. Back then it was much better because I could just take the bra off and be comfortable. Now this is impossible and my breasts are really uncomfortable, tight. I hate these, I want my old breasts back. Is there any way of re-doing this? What would my breasts look like then? I made the biggest mistake of my life, I can't live like this anymore. The surgeon is only willing to see me next year, I think he does not want to deal with my issues. I can't live with these breasts. They are strange, I want the implants out. I am thinking about suicide because I just can't cope with what I have done to my breasts. They weren’t ugly just small and they were the size of my current breasts when wearing a push-up bra. It was much better like that. It was much more comfortable – if I wanted to look like I had bigger breasts, I just put on a push-up bra. I can't even buy a decent bra now, just those silly sport bras which hide the size of my breasts anyway so no-one can actually see how big they are. I do not know what to do, I can't go on like this, I want to kill myself. I know others are happy with their new breasts but I feel like my life has ended only after 2 months of having these new breasts. My breasts are really hanging down... I know others complain about the contrary – well, good for them! I am really angry at whoever came up with the implant-idea, it drives people into this silliness. You hear it from everywhere, from the TV, magazines, etc. Like this was such a cool thing. Could I get the implants removed after 2 months? What will my breasts look like after taking the 360 cc nagor out? How do they remove them? I do not know if I will like the look of my breasts when they take the implants out, maybe the look of that will drive me to suicide. I can't take this anymore, I was such a fool and no-one warned me of the consequences. :(
Yours faithfully,

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
I got implants. I asked my surgeon for big breasts and I ended up with average-sized ones. What would be your opinion in such a situation? Have you ever received complaints about such a thing? If so, did you operate on them again? I feel mislead.
Yours Sincerely,

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
About 4 months ago I had a breast augmentation. After the implant, a piece of the skin tissue on my chest stood out a little. The surgeon said that the skin will adapt to the new size of my breasts and will smoothen. Unfortunately, this has not been my experience. Whenever I have a bra on, or I am leaning forward or I am lying on my side, when my chest and breasts are elevated, there is no line in between the breasts. The surgeon says that there is still hope that the skin will be firmer and we should wait until a year passes post surgery, but I would like to ask for a second opinion, because I haven't met anyone who had a similar skin issue after 4 months post surgery. Is there any way of helping this process? If the skin remains the same, is there any procedure that could help the situation? (I am 26 with no kids, I have an average-size implant under the glandula).
Thank you for your help in advance!

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
Concerning breast augmentation, what does it mean to say that something depends on the projection? If it was extra high up, would that make it bigger in length? I don't really have breasts on the upper part therefore that's what I would like to get corrected. I heard that having the breasts very high up isn't very nice because it makes the breasts look like long, Brazilian ones. What does this mean? I do not understand. There is no higher option than the 'extra high' – is that correct? Would that boost the breast size at all? I've measured them as you have suggested but with 880cc it appears to be 10 cm more, which is too much, I think. But with this material, it is not perfect, maybe that is why it is only 800.
Yours faithfully,

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
I would like to make my body more harmonic with breast augmentation. The difference is rather big. The circumference of my bust is 90 cm, and of my hip is 102 cm. How big implant would be necessary for the enlargement of my bust measure with 10 cm?
Thank you in advance,

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Dear Doctor,
What has been the biggest implant you have ever used for breast augmentation? How much did the lady weight?
Thank you!

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Dear Dr. Pataki,
When I gave birth to my baby I was 80 kg and beforehand I was only 47kg. Currently, I am 54 kg and my height is 159 cm. My skin has become very loose on my abdomen and I might have hernia. I am not sure if there is a way of surgical correction?. Would my skin become like it used to be? Could the loose skin and fat be removed? I have a little abdominal apron, I had a Caesarian section. Currently I look like I was 5 months pregnant. I gave birth to my baby a year ago and I discussed my abdomen with my doctor on the 6-week check up and he said that my tummy was big because it was filled with air. Unfortunately, my breasts have changed a great deal after my pregnancy; they feel like empty bags now.
With many thanks,

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Dear Dr. Pataki,

I had a breast surgery eight weeks ago – a corrective surgery after breast tumour with implants. My left breast is still 1,5 – 2 cm higher than the other, the skin on it is visibly brighter, and the shape of it is rounder as well. (I hadn’t got any glandula on this side, because it had to be removed two years ago, I only had my aerola.)

I would like to know whether it is possible that all these might change two months after the surgery? Will my breasts look alike to a certain degree?

Thank you for your help!

Yours faithfully,


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Dear Doctor,

I have nursed three children and my problem is that my breasts have almost completely disappeared. It is true, that they weren’t big either before the lactation. I hate my body, I can’t even exist without a bra. I put at least four sponges into it to make it seem as if I had breasts. I heard that if a psychiatrist diagnoses that this problem makes me mentally ill, then the breast augmentation could be supported via national health insurance. Please give me some information about my opportunities in this issue.

Thank you!


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Dear Dr. Pataki,

I had breast augmentation three months ago. My right breast hurts since about two weeks, when I am lying in a half-sitting or in a horizontal position for some time, or am turning to one side, or am getting out of bed. The pain disappears if I go hither and thither or do my business. It is also better when I am massaging it. The outer side of my breast is sensitive as well. Otherwise there is no visible defomations, the shape is really nice. What can be the problem?

Thank you for your answer in advance!

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Dear Doctor,

A 4*4 cm wide area can be found in the outer-lower part of my left breast, which is filled with fluid. It was caused by an awkward movement three weeks ago. There is a haematoma on the left side, but fortunately other abnormal tissues cannot be seen. Pathologic tissues cannot be detected in the axillas. I have implants in both of my breasts (under the muscle). My left breast has enlarged, but the implant hasn’t got hurt. I would like to ask when the haematoma will absorb? Will the tumescence be gone?

Thank you for your answer!

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