Secondary rhinoplasty

20 January 2015

On January 14 I visited Dr Pataki regarding a possible rhinoplasty.
I would like to have some moregeneral info on the subject so as to better make an informed decision. Also,
could you please provide me with lodging possibilities (hotels) postoperatively?



Dear Helene,

First of all thank you for visiting us in Budapest.
We are sending you more general information on the subject in order to make an informed decision. Attached we are sending you our Presurgery Consultation Sheet for Nose Remodelling Surgery (1), a preoperative patient info consent (2), and our consent form for Rhinoplasties (3). Please read through carefully, then if it is possible print, fill out, scan and send it back to us per email once you have decided for the operation. Please also bring it with you on the day of the operation.

Thank you for eventually choosing us for your rhinoplasty correction operation. We will do everything to fulfill your expectations and provide you detailed information as follows. Dr. Pataki has a great expertise in redoing unsuccessfull or partially successfull nose operations (rhinoplasties).
He has thoroughly examined you on the 13th of January after he checked the fotos sent by you. It is possible to reach a far more natural result, with enhanced shape and symmetry. This operation should only be done by experts in nose surgery.
According to dr. Pataki it does not make sense to perform the rhinoplasty without the support of the microstructural fat grafting. The fat supports your alar bases and the upper part of the nasolabial fold volumetrically, and through it’s regenerative and rejuvenative effect it will play a role in diminishing the internal scars throughout your nose coused by the previous operations. It is an absolutely indication in your case. The use of cartillage graft will be necessary too, most likely the septum.

Today fat grafting to the face is also done in conjunction with rhinoplasties. Please see some information concerning fat grafting below:

Fat transfer for face rejuvenation is injection of concentrated fat to various areas of the face to increase volume and regenerate skin and soft tissues. Fat transfer of viable fat cells can augment the treated area of the face, such as the mid-face, tear trough, eyelids, forehead, temporal area, and chin. It can even be injected under the skin of the nose or scalp. In many cases of facial aging, to reach the best and long lasting results Dr. Pataki recommends the most advanced fat grafting techniques to face alone or in combination with rhinoplasties or face lifts (such as MACS lift or XMACS lift: Minimal Access Cranial Suspension). Rhinoplasty can be performed in the same sitting with Autologous Fat Filling for centro-facial rejuvenation and volumetrization of the facial skin and underlaying soft tissues especially in the mid-face area. What dr. Pataki uses is Micro Fat Grafting to the cheek areas, temporal area and nasolabial fold, Nano-fat grafting to the tear trough, Sharp Needle Fat Grafting to perioral lines and the Marionette lines) Also the shrunken eyelids can be treated, this is the augmentational blepharoplasty (both skin excess excision and lipofilling is performed). This is a regenerative high definition combined operation that is best carried out in general anaesthesia with the rhinoplasty. For the facial aesthetic use of fat grafts we would charge extra amount.

In the case of a rhinoplasty or other combined operations you have to stay in the hospital for 1-2 nights. We have nurse attended accomodation for the days afterwards too. We intend to see the patient for approx. 7 days in Hungary. We can organize your travel too.

There should be one extended consultation one day before the operation.

You can also choose from various 4 and 5 star Hotels we are linked with according to your wish.

You are expected to arrive to the Hospital at 7.00 AM with empty stomach: please do not eat or drink after the midnight before!

We accept blood tests taken from your GP (max. 6 weeks old). In case this does not happen, our Anesthesiologist will take blood samples at the Premium Plastic Surgery in the Semmelweis Medical University Teaching Hospital Building on the day of the operation.

As you don’t have other illnesses, these are not expected.

The operation will be discussed once again entirely before the operation with Dr. Pataki.
In the case of a rhinoplasty you have to stay in for 1 day in the hospital, with full medical assistance. In case you wish to spend 2 days in the hospital it can be organised too.

Dr. Pataki requests you to stay for possibly 2 weeks but at least 7 days in Hungary. Sutures will be then checked and removed in 1 week time postop., and partly are carried out with absorbable material.

Special nasal support pad is provided by us.

If necessary, only autologous cartillage will be used.

All standard operations we carry out in our hospital clinic the Teaching Hospital of the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest.

Please visit and and for further information.

The referred total cost will be discussed with dr. Pataki, and includes the total cost of the operation, the general anaesthesia, 1 night in the hospital, special devices and postoperative medicines. The amount we kindly ask to pay per cash on site before the operation. We accept card by payment in the office at the Gellert- Hill.

We hope that we have answered all your questions, but would you have any questions, please contact us through email or phone.

If you wish please call us at European time 10-18 PM weekdays: +36 20 512 74 92.

Yours Sincerely,


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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