Liposuction on belly and inner thighs

06 May 2018

Dear Doctor, I am looking for a clinic who does Liposuction, vaser liposuction on belly and inner legs , I send a picture via email.

I am 26 and always struggled of my extra fat, tried diets, tried gym but still … not easy to get the rid of it.

I found about your clinic on Medigo and wanted to have chat with you about a quote, what is included, what to do to proceed and how long it takes.

Please do let me know, i am about to choose one of the best that can assist me with this operation. Thank you, Clara

dr. Pataki Gergely

Dear Clara,

Thank you for contacting us. In our medical center, we use PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) method, which on the basis of investigations we consider to be the best. We recommend it for the most tissue friendly way of fat removal on the areas mentioned above.

According to your pictures, liposuction (liposculpting) alone may not bring optimal results and may cause unwanted contour defirmity and sagging or loose skin. Liposuction combined with abdominoplasty and thigh lift (maybe arm lift) would possibly secure the most beautiful results but these operations have their limitations as they result in scars (in optimal cases: almost invisible scars).

Your treatment could be decided at a personal consultation after a very thorough body examination when we can choose the right timing, combination, extensivity, and intensivity.

The planning depends on the patient’s wishes and the rational possibilities that depend on the elasticity of the skin, distribution of the fat, exact skin excess etc. All those factors can only be assessed at a personal consultation.

Best wishes,

Dr. Greg Pataki

plastic surgeon, Head of Premium Plastic Surgery

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