22 October 2014

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I had liposuction 5 weeks ago on my legs, belly and waist. I attached the pictures I took yesterday. I also attach the preop pictures. I would appreciate if you
could let me know what`s your opinion about how the recovery is going on.
The bruises are almost gone, and I am taking the lymphatic massage 1 h every week. I still feel some pain in some areas and also there are
some lumps when I apply pressure and the massage person said there is still a bit of swell. I hope in time the lumps will go. Please let me
know if there is anything else I should do.



dr. Pataki Gergely

Dear Lilly,

Dr. Pataki has investigated the pictures (and compared them with the preop pictures too) and states following:

– You are on the best way to achieve an excellent result, nice and improved contours were achieved
– Visibly there os still a lot (not a bit!:) of tissue oedema is present, therefor the thickness of your limbs and tussues around your abdomen and waist will continously improve in the next weeks.
– Pain and lumps are normal even after 5-6 weeks, apply here massage and lympdrainage more accurately (longer)
-Apply Diclofenac (Voltaren) cream if lumps stay for longer than a months.

Other Suggestions:

Wear the garment as long as you can !!! 4 more weeks ? Is the garment holding enough ?
Drink a lot but start a diet with decreased carbohydrate intake
Start light training e.g gymnastics, or jogging (maybe home bike) in the next days ! Minimum of 45 minutes/day, do this till you sweat !

With all other questions feel yourself free to turn to us.

Wishing you all the best !

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Greg Pataki

plastic surgeon, Head of Premium Plastic Surgery

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