02 July 2017

Dear Dr.,

I am a resident of UK I have been some time looking for a reputable place and doctor for liposuction.

I would like whole of my abdomen done which i believe consists of four areas, my hips, inner outer thighs, arms and and also back.

Please find attached the photos and questionnaire. Do you not do BodyTite Liposuction as i would prefer body tite as i believe it will aid in tightening the skin areas of tummy. please do let me know .

My questions are how much would I be looking at for this procedure?

1. After operation am I kept in the hospital if so how long?

1. What is the extent of the aftercare? E.g does surgeon take of bandages and reapply new One.

1. I have read included with vaser liposuction is also drainage massage is that included in the procedure.

1. What happens when there is a problem after surgery such as infection etc.

What wish to complain what is the complaints procedure how are they governed.

Apologies for the list of questions however I am serious with trying to get this procedure done with minimum





Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your email. Dr. Pataki has thoroughly investigated the fotos.

Body Tite liposuction (alone) would not bring the desired effect. In your case lumps and skin wrinkles are expected. PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction,the most enhanced and atraumatic way of fat removal of the written areas) is indicated and the compression garment will compress your skin after the extensive liposuction.
Liposuction alone is most probably not the only treatment what you need, becouse even the best liposuction method will not be able to treat skin redundancy, skin excess. If someone offers you only liposuction, it is not ethical. Liposuction is for body contouring and not weight loss or getting rid of skin excess. According to the pictures an abdominoplasty will be indicated too. You have to spend two days in the Hospital after such an operation. The aftercare is at least 2 weeks with us, our doctors make bandages themselves. Early complications are rare and the therapy is covered by us.

Before starting any treatment, we first recommend to give off weight.

We also support you in visiting a plastic surgeon in the near future. At a consultation there would be time to make a proper examination and discuss the solutions for your problem.
In case of your interest, we are keen to give you an appointment too.

Sincerly Yours,


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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