29 June 2015

Dear Dr. Pataki
I'd like to augment my calves through a non-invasive intervention, if possible. In particular, I'd be interest in a lipofilling procedure. I will in Budapest during the first two weeks in August, but for the first seven days I will be busy with a dance course. I will then be ready to do the surgery since 15th August. Can I know how many days are necessary to recover? Photos of the area of interest are attached. Thank you.


Dear Gabriele,

Thank you for your letter and the good quality fotos. According to the fotos you could be a very good candidate for a harmonic calf augmentation with microstructural lipofilling if you have good donor areas to complete this operation. If it is the case, Dr. Pataki makes the suggestion for autologous lipofilling method.

We welcome you for a one hour long consultation, at which Dr. Pataki would tell you about the operation, his expertise and show you pre- and postop fotos.
The consultation could be early August. We are quite overbooked, therefor the intervention could be on 26th of August.

It is certainly possible to harvest fat from your abdomen, thighs and other body parts, but you must know that a lot of fat is necessary for a successful operation. From about 1200 ml, Dr. Pataki is able to produce approx: 200-200 ml (for each side) highly potential autologous fat for the highest take rate. The take rate individually differs from 60%-90 %. We have high take rate with our methods. Of course anytime it can happen that it might be neccesary to take two rounds, it depends on the usage of the way we harvest and autotrasplant fat, and your biological response. In human medicine the is no guarantee a specific result, but there guarantee that every effort is done to provide the best result. Usually we have a very high take rate in calf area, especially when the patient makes a lot of sports and is young and healthy.

Dr. Pataki’s previous patients (last 24 Months for example) mostly have received an amount of bigger than 200 cc/ side, and a take rate of over 80 % was measured.
The bruises may take upto 2 weeks to disappear, the scars heal quite quick, but they need couple of months to fade.

A final (tailored made) price Dr. Pataki could quote after seeing some pictures of the possible donor areas.
We have no discount, we are a premium Clinic using the newest and best methods and clinic facilities. The price contains everything, also the liposuction garment. 1 night is included, which is mostly enough.

To have a 250 cc growth of your calf, the above method is not suitable. Alternatively, you should think about a calf augmentation with silicone breast implants : . The price is also in the above range.

All standard operations we carry out in our hospital clinic in Budapest in general anaesthesia. Please visit , and for further information.

In the case of a calf plasty and body sculpturing you have to stay in the hospital for 1 night. You are asked to arrive at least one day prior the operation. Before the operation we will take blood sample, Dr. Pataki will do the examination, and then we carry out the operation.

We have staffed rooms for the next days. We suggest you to stay for 6-9 days in Hungary. Sutures will be carried out with absorbable material.

More information about the general anaesthesia, the hospital, the special garment and postoperative medicines we will supply you by necessity.

If you wish, please call us at European time 10-18 PM weekdays: +36 20 512 74 92.

In case you have decided for us we will send you more information.

Thank you very much for your interest and hope that all your other questions can be answered at a personal conversation.

Please confirm if you have received our letter.

Yours Sincerely,


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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