Lip augmentation

26 September 2013

Dear Dr. Pataki !

I have an offer for 200 USD for lip augmentation with Hyaluronic acid 2ml.
Should I go for that, Is that a qualilty product ? How does a price calculated ?

Thank you for your answer.

Anne Holloway

dr. Pataki Gergely

Dear Ms. Holloway,

Below I try to give you an explanation to this issue. I hope that we can help you with that.
The price is too low for the lip treatment I believe. I doubt that any plastic surgeons offers 2 Ampulles of an good quality hialuronic acid for lip augmentation for such low amount. I belive that is is not the same premium quality product we use or the treatment is not carried out by a board certified plastic surgeon.
You can find better prices if the product is a cheaper one or the treatment is done by a dermatologist.

How does a price for a treatment gets calculated ?

The price of a lip treatment is usually, generally (everywhere in the world) higher than normal wrinkle treatments, becouse it requires more expertise. The lip is a 3 dimensional organ, which needs to be sculptured . The price is usually a summ of the material costs and the doctors’ fee. The overall recommendation is that the doctors’s fee should not be less than the material costs. In Hungary usually we are below 50 percent. In Western Europe the doctors’ fees are often twice as high as the material costs. It is fair too.

What is the problem with cheap aesthetic treatments, cheap lip augmentation ?
As we wrote: you might face the fact that you don’t get quality products, products that last for 2-3 months only can be administered, they can have certainly more side effects too. The other problem is if the treatment is not done by a plastic surgeon (eg. dermatogist, or dentist)

Why should you choose a board certified plastic surgeon for your lip treatment ?
Becaouse it is the only specialtity where the doctor learns both the anatomic both the aesthetic part of this unique organ.

Why Juvederm Volbella or other Juvederm Products ?

Juvederm Volbella is a new product from Allergan, that lasts for twice as long as former products and is much softer, and it produces less oedema. It is FDA approved. It is specially designed for lip treatments.

We hope that we could highlight some points and help you with your treatment.

We suggest you to go for quality products and that you go with a plastic surgeon. It is your body !

We also suggest you to check other options for lip enhancement like microstructural autologous fat filling etc.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Greg Pataki

plastic surgeon, Head of Premium Plastic Surgery

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