Facial fat grafting

31 October 2015

Dear dr. Pataki,

Please supply me with information on fat grafting which is used for volume restoration. I am considering both methods – hyaluronic acid and fat. Where do you take the fat from and what is its take rate.

Thank you,

Iliya Stevenson


Subject: Facial fat grafting

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

Sorry for overloading you with lots of information. (We have sent you long descriptions) Both methods – hyaluronic acid and fat grafting – are used for volume restoration in the face and other regions.

HA is a natural soft tissue ingredient, the material that is injected is its pure analogue and it is active biologically, so that it stimulates fibrocytes (fiber producing soft tissue cells) to produce collagen (fibers).  Autologous fat is our biologically active ingredient that contains stem cells, growth factors and other ingredients that have rejuvenating and regenerating effect.

Hyaluronic acid treatment does not require an operation, it can be administered during a short treatment with thin needles or cannulas. Its results last for about one or two years. One can reach fantastic natutal results with HA within a short time.

Fat grafting has natural and longer lasting results, though it involves an operation.  Microstructural fat grafting if grafted properly stays in the body forever. Its volumizing effect is very good, but un certain areas like the tear through on the face it can be unpredictable.

It is certainly possible to harvest fat from abdomen, thighs and other body parts. We have high take rate with our methods (in face sometimes 80-90 percent). Of course anytime it can happen that it might be neccesary to take two rounds, it depends on the usage of the way we harvest and autotrasplant fat, and your biological response. In human medicine there is no guarantee for a specific result, but there is a guarantee that every effort is done to provide the best result.

Please see some information concerning fat grafting below:


Best regards


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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