Face/neck and brow lift

07 March 2015

Dear Sir,

Could I please arrange an appointment for any time. I will be coming to Budapest from the UK.

Procedure required is Face/neck and brow lift. Please send me information concerning Face lift.

I look forward to your reply with my appointment time.



Dear Sandra,

Thank you for your Emails. Our Doctors and our staff are determined to help you.

Dr. Pataki is well known about his fantastic results in facial rejuvenation.

Please send us fotos priorly to be able to thoroughly investigate the possibilities, to draw conclusions, make recommendations, and suggest therapy options.

We will offer you various possibilities for facial rejuvenation. ( Eg.: Complete face and neck lift (or Extended MACS lift), brow lift, additional autologous fat filling into the face (for volumetrization and rejuvenation of the facial skin and underlaying connective tissues) in the same sitting, Upper and lower eyelid surgery)

Today fat grafting is mostly done in conjunction with facelifts. Please see some information concerning fat grafting below:

The final price can be set upon at your examination, this includes the total cost of the operations, the general anaesthesia, 1 night in the hospital, special garments and postoperative medicines and all follow ups.

Please visit our website for further information on facelifts:


and additional procedures (lipofilling)


Our Hospital is dedicated to patients that seek for multiple operations in one sitting. Enclosed please find some Information concerning Face Lifts and other Questionary. Please fill out the questionarry. In case you have decided for us we will send you more information.

All such combined operations we carry out in our hospital clinic in Budapest in general anaesthesia.

Please visit http://www.plasztikai.hu/en , http://www.drpataki.hu/en/our-hospital-clinic and http://www.drpataki.hu/en/premium-hospital-plastic-surgery for further information about our institution.

In case of a face lift and autologous fat filling (rejuvenation) or other combined operations, usually you have to stay in the hospital for one night.

We have nurse attended accommodation for the days afterwards too. We intend to see the patient for approx. 7-14 days in Hungary.

We can organize your travel too.

Thank you very much for your interest and we hope that all your questions can be answered at a personal conversation.

Please inform us if you have received our email.

If you wish please call us at European time 9-18 PM weekdays: +36 20 512 74 92.

Kind regards,


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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