Eyelid surgery

01 August 2015

Dear Dr. Pataki,

I am travelling to Budapest for dental treatment and am interested
in eye lid surgery to carry out at the same time. could you please email me
details of the procedure and costs. thank you Carla


Dear Carla,

Thank you for your interest. A complete upper and lower blepharoplasty would be the operation, local anaesthesia.

The cost of additional procedures like lipofilling can be decided on the consultation with dr. Pataki.
As usual the operation takes about 1,5 hours. I suggest you to stay for 5 days in Hungary afterwards.
Sutures will be removed on the 5th postop. day.

Dr. Pataki could quote the final cost after having seen some high quality (good resolution) pictures of you. As there are other factors, like weight and hight, previous and current diseases, that have impact on the medical costs, we’d like you to inform us about them by filling out, and sending us back the attached sheets. ( Health questionnaire, and Patient Current Medication Form) All minor operations are carried out in local anaesthesia in our outpatient clinic.

For further information please visit:
http://www.plasztikai.hu/en/eyelid-surgery-therapyhttp://www.plasztikai.hu/en/clinic and http://www.plasztikai.hu/en/doctors

Why should you choose us?
Some quick facts that might help you to decide:
1. Procedures are carried out at the highest standard medical facility in Hungary.
2. Our doctors are qualified and reputable registered and fully accredited plastic surgeons, trained abroad as well, and on average have more than 15 years of experience in surgery.
3. Dr. Pataki is one of the most experienced plastic surgeon in Hungary leading the Private Department of the world famous Semmelweis University’s (Kútvölgyi) teaching hospital.
4. We offer individualised consultations, and operations tailored to ones’ needs.
5. Dr. Pataki is doing research work as well; American companies, that have an interest in fat grafting (like Microaire and Tulip) are cooperating with us (common design of cannulas)
6. Our clinic have gained awards for outstanding Costumer’s Care. Excellent customer feedback.

I hope your initial questions have got answered. The ones, that arise later, I’m sure will get answered at your initial medical consultation. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, or by phone.
We can receive your call on weekdays from 10.00 – 17. 00 (GMT+1) In case you decide to have your operation at our clinic, could you please let us know when are you coming to Budapest, and for how long you plan to stay here? This can help us scheduling your intitial medical consultation, and operation. We’d also like to know, if you want to have operated your lower eyelid only, or both of them?
Thank you again for your interest, and we are waiting for your feedback. If you’ve decided to have your operation at our clinic, please let us know. We would also like to ask you to inform us about the exact date of your stay in Hungary, so that we can schedule your operation .Looking forward to hearing from you, sincerely yours..


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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