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27 April 2015


Concerning my combined surgery circumferential abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, arm and thigh plasty I will attach some photos as I would like a specific plan. Please could you explain the costs of the next few things. How much is the anaesthesia? I don't understand why there is an extra payment for anaesthesia for combined? What is the reason for this? How much is it for liposuction? If it is per area then how many areas are you suggesting? Both arms, both thighs, waist, lower back are 7 areas. I don't think I will require lipo on my bum. Could you explain to me the total costs and areas please?
How do you charge for hospital stay. This is the first clinic I've encountered that is charging for the usual 1 or 2 night stay? My boyfriend will be coming with me and I would like to not pay for both of us. Why is the second night stay not included in the procedure?

Many thanks in advance,



Dear Mrs. White,

Thank you for your response and the fotos. We hope that we have supplied you with the maximum information within the shortest time.

Our aim is to have extremely satisfied Patients that know and decide about different methods and risks in plastic surgery and who have realistic expectations about the outcome and the postoperative period after the combined procedures.

The approximate price calculation is correct according to the photos, our doctors have just commented.

Please note, that it is not possible to give you a 100% precise calculation without medical history and personal risk assessment.

We are giving you a detailed explanation as follows:

Combined operations are associated with elevated risk levels, are much harder to carry out, only special clinics can safely perform them. Multiple plastic surgery procedures can be combined in many different ways. The main reason to combine surgical procedures is to allow for a better final result, to have only one anesthesia performed, and for cost containment, as a patient should incur only one fee for the operating room and the anesthesiologist. In terms of body sculpting breast lift and/or augmentation can be performed in conjunction with an abdominoplasty or tummy- tuck procedure and liposuction as long as the estimated blood loss, and the duration of time under general anesthesia is reasonable (less than six hours is usually considered standard). Breast augmentation can be performed with breast lift if the blood supply is excellent and can be maintained. Breast augmentation can also be performed with liposuction of different body parts as long as the amount of liposuction aspirate is kept to a reasonable amount. To include thigh and arm-plasty in the operations is always a question as together these result in more risks and longer follow up etc.

Please note that each regional liposuction is eventually one operation in itself, the extremity plasties are 4 operations.

The operation you would like to have takes around 7-8 hours. We carry out each year a number of such operations.

The all in one procedure requires a special anaesthesia, which only hospitals (favorably bigger clinics) can provide that possess over a special intensive care unit.

Our clinic provides a very secure way of reconvalescence from the first minute.

In case of such combined operation we charge an extra fee for the anaesthesia. This is common in western countries too.

After such a weight loss usually 14-18 regions have to be treated with liposuction. We have calculated 12 regions. Liposuction is mandatory.

Only excision the skin would not bring the desired effect. In your case lumps and skin wrinkles would be expected if a thorough liposuction would not be carried out. PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction, the most enhanced and atraumatic way of fat removal of the written areas) is indicated and the compression garment will compress your skin after the extensive liposuction. But on the other hand liposuction alone is not the only treatment what you need, because even the best liposuction method will not be able to treat skin redundancy, skin excess. Liposuction is for body contouring and not weight loss or getting rid of skin excess. According to the pictures a very extensive liposuction with an abdominoplasty will be indicated too. Performing only an abdominoplasty would also not bring the most perfect aesthetic result, as the tissues of your upper and lower abdomen have to be thinned out too.

Abdomen (4-6 regions), waist (2 regions), both thighs ( at least 4 regions ), lower back (2), are at least 14 areas areas and we have not counted the arms yet.

(we can of course keep our offer previously sent to you). You need a liposuction in the thigh regions too. One region is counted in a different way that what you wrote.

The thigh plasty can be performed in conjunction with the other procedures. If we consider an armlift too risky in the frame of this combined operation, we can offer you the operation withouth an armlift for too.

In case of such high definition combined plastic surgical operations we charge for the sub-intensive treatment in the first days. (e.g. 3 days). This is also normal among higher standard clinics dealing with critical care. The normal costs are included in the price for the operation for two nights. This is an extra cost for the elevated intensive critical care. Usually we charge for the accompanying person too, because the first day they have to stay in a different room, but if we have a possibility and enough rooms around that period, then we will not charge your husband.

We support you in visiting a plastic surgeon in the near future. At a consultation there would be time to make a proper examination and discuss the solutions for your problem. Also you have to learn about different methods and risks in plastic surgery to have realistic expectations about the outcome and the postoperative period after the combined procedures.

In case of your interest, we are keen to give you an appointment too.

We have sent you documents for the operation in our previous letters. Please send back the forms filled out by interest.

If you wish please call us at: +36 20 512 74 92 or +36 20 360 1916

Please indicate if you have received our email.

Yours Sincerely,


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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