Chinese eyes

01 April 2015

My child has got very small eyes and we need help to make her eyes litle big bigger. She has got like Chinese eyes. Children bully her for her eyes and thats why its very important to her. I think you might open her eyes litte in The out corner. I know that many film star has done that surgery. In China they promised to fix her eyes but it is very expensive to go there. We live in Finland and surgerys are so expensive in our country too. We are caming in Budabest 15.7.2015 . I hope your clinic can help my girl.



Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for the photos.

Dr. Pataki suggests a children’s ophtalmologist in Turku or Helsinki to lead a conversation with. According to him it is very questionable to provide a surgery for your child, as the features that are visible in the pictures are mostly of ethnic origin.

Kind regards,


Assistant to Dr. Greg Pataki

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