Capsular Contracture with Quality Implants?

05 December 2018

Dear doctor,
I have developed hard breasts after 15 years of wearing quality implants. I must have developed capsular contracture with outhinning of the tissues. Is it more expensive to operate me like others? What may I expect. What operation do you think must be performed on me, based on the pictures I sent.

Thank you, Kate

dr. Pataki Gergely

Dear Kate,

Usually, prices are individually set at the clinics, mostly depending on the complexity of the operation and the price of the used materials. Prices of Breast Augmentation with Implants or Breast Reconstruction may differ, according to each special case.

Secondary optimizing mammaplasties – including Breast Implant Exchange – are mostly much more complicated than primary operations, with demands toward the surgeon and elevated risks associated with this. Breast augmentation or implant exchange with polyurethane-covered implants is more expensive, it requires a special method with special implants with added value compared to normal ones.

The price for the combination of these can be higher. The necessary methods may include: implant exchange with partial or total capsulectomy, size change, position change, shape change, surface change, internal positioning of breast tissues, additional autologous microstructural fat transfer (Composite Breast Augmentation).

Clinics also have to cover all expenses, follow-up exams, the ultrasonic knife, histology and many more. Secondary breast operation after one and half decades of wearing implants and developing capsular contracture with outhinning of the tissues is more expensive than traditional primary breast surgery, as the special medical instruments and methods are needed and doctors more extensive experience have to be paid too.

For a comparison of prizes of operations, we have to draw your attention to the fact that one might be not comparing the same items or operation when making a price comparison. According to our experience, a well-performed microstructural fat grafting is much more expensive at adequate clinics throughout the world.

The price of a quality healthcare institution is certainly not the “best price” in town‎. However, we would like to emphasize that in the field of medical treatments or operations, “best price” offers are certainly not of the best quality or not the best plan. We may have seen this in the case of several implants being not of the best quality, but offered cheap, below market prices.

We suggest you visit various clinics and get informed concerning your case, and choose a very experienced plastic surgeon to perform this operation only with autologous fat transfer. Refined techniques are to be applied to secondary, previously operated cases, such as yours. Even the price may be higher than expected.

We sincerely hope that your special case and the specific problem will be discussed and individual solutions will be offered for your benefit.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Dr. Greg Pataki

plastic surgeon, Head of Premium Plastic Surgery

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