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05 December 2018


I m very interested in fat transfer breast augmentation. i have small breast but i dont want something dramatic just want them to be little bit bigger to match my body. But i have a slim body type but got fat on thigh and belly which i want to lose at the same time. i m wondering if there is a restriction for fat transfer like maybe i dont have enough fat? And i have a 1cm fibroid in my breast can you still have fat transfer? How long it takes to get back to work in a office? I'm currenly in UK. i want to travel to there to get this done. i m wondering how much for that in total roughly. any package for customers like this? I guess so many people from UK would travel there to do surgery cos the price in UK is too expensive. it is a long way to travel there so i want to make everything clear before i go so i have plenty of questions to ask. looking forward to your reply. Thanks, Tess

dr. Pataki Gergely

Dear Tess,

Thank you for your inquiry about Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation. You don’t have to worry about not having enough fat, as we have successfully carried out fat transfers on very thin patient‎s as well. Also on Asians, where we took the lower legs as donor areas.

Single benign neoplasias (knots, tumors) are not a contraindication for fat transfer into the breasts. However, it is necessary to have imaging and FNB (fine needle biopsy) with the size you describe to a plan for complete removal dur‎ing the operation.

Usually, the recovery time is much shorter than in the case of BA with Implants, it’s individual‎ but it can be expected between 1- 2,5 weeks.

Our assistance for foreign patients is the complete organization of the pre-op lab tests etc., English-speaking staff during and around the operation, providing accommodation, and providing a nurse after the hospital care if necessary.

Best regards,

Dr. Greg Pataki

plastic surgeon, Head of Premium Plastic Surgery

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