The Clinic

Our Consulting Rooms have a premium location in Central-Budapest on top of the famous Gellert Hill. We provide complex surgical and beauty enhancement treatments with the use of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. Our patients are cared for by our highly-trained, internationally experienced specialists in a welcoming environment. Our aim is to provide an ideal, soothing surrounding and the highest medical standards to our patients. In our practice we provide rejuvenating and aesthetic procedures tailored to fit each individual. Also combined surgeries and treatments with the most secure clinical background are among our special offer. Plastic surgery procedures make it possible to reinstate the harmony and balance between the body and the soul. With the appropriate technology and speciality knowledge plastic surgery procedures are safe and they lead to excellent results.

We provide both outpatient and inpatient facilities to our patients.

Routine procedures do not require inpatient stay; these can be performed in our consulting rooms on an outpatient basis. With these procedures pre-procedure consultations are not necessary. Plastic surgery operations are performed on an outpatient or on a 1-day inpatient stay basis with clinical observation. Our highly experienced specialists are able to perform combined procedures on the same occasion; this means that you can have several procedures performed under one general anaesthetic.



At your consultation visit, the plastic surgeon has a detailed conversation with you. They advise you about the recommended treatments, the possible surgical procedure, the possible results, what to do pre- and post-surgery as well as answering all your questions.

At the consultation you have a very discreet conversation with your plastic surgeon. This is a highly emphatic, precise and detailed conversation using medical terminology that is easily understandable by the average individual. The most important feature is a well-informed patient; a detailed consultation helps your surgeon to understand your needs and desired outcome better and accepting a realistic outcome specific to you.

The length of the consultation varies depending on the subject; prior to a breast enhancement surgery a consultation can last up to 1.5 hours depending on the surgeon’s judgement. The plastic surgeon uses questions to learn more about the patient’s problems and to highlight the possible connections and risk factors in the matter. Part of the consultation happens in front of a mirror when the patient and the surgeon discuss the problematic areas together. At the consultation the surgeon forms and shares their opinion with regards to the procedure. They inform the patient of the pros and cons of the possible procedures. This is an interactive discussion whereby both parties raise questions. Often, looking at pictures on a computer screen forms part of the consultation to help the patient make a decision. Also, the surgeon takes the patient’s full medical history.

The address:

1118 Budapest
6 Számadó Street
For appointments, please call: +36 20 512 74 92

Location of the consulting rooms

The Kútvölgyi Premium Plastic Surgery Consulting Rooms is located on the Buda-side of Budapest in a quiet street at the heart of the city on top of the Gellert Hill. This is the 11th district of Budapest. Due to their central location the consulting rooms are easily accessible both by public transport and by car.

By car

From the Pest-side yo need to cross Erzsébet bridge and take Hegyalja road. At the traffic lights, take left towards the Citadella (then take the first street to the right then the first street to the left). At the first crossing on the top of the hill take right to Számadó street. You will find the consulting rooms 40 metres to the left.


Those arriving by car can use the Clinic’s parking lot for free.


H-1118 Budapest, Számadó Str. 6.

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