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St. Lukács Private Hospital

Our private hospital is located on the eastern side of Budapest, next to the Hungarian Military Hospital („Honvédkórház”, formerly: National Health Center). It was founded in 2013, and became one of the largest private health care institutions in the country.

The first surgery in the hospital was performed by Dr Pataki. The number of satisfied clients is exceptionally high and still increasing, which proves that there is a real demand for a high-standard hospital environment with complete aesthetic medical care on the eastern side of the Hungarian capital as well.

Currently, the main functions of the hospital are plastic surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgeries – carried out by the foremost experts of the country.

We welcome our Hungarian and foreign patients with exclusive private hospital care, equipped with the latest technology. The heads of the institution put a great emphasis on the recruitment and maintenance of a competent, highly skilled and empathetic staff. Discretion is not a „special” service, but self-evident by us. We offer complete aesthetic medical care in a modestly elegant, genial environment, with comfortable and uncrowded atmosphere. Maximum safety and comfort are the most important during plastic surgeries.

Our hospital gives a place for charitable activities as well with the leadership of Dr Pataki.

The operating room team has been trained for the assistance of the most advanced surgical procedures, therefore considered as a unique professional crew. Our aesthetic surgical tools are the latest equipment available (eg. ultrasonic scalpel, power assisted tumescent liposuction, antibacterial sutures etc.)

What do we offer at the Szent Lukács Private Hospital?

  • Aesthetic and restorative surgeries assisted by the latest technology.
  • Safe environment for enhancing your beauty and recovery.
  • Health care service at the Szent Lukács Private Hospital with the highest European standards, with complete discretion.
  • Easily accessible, central location on the eastern side of Budapest, so it is fast and comfortable for our patients to get there for tests and surgeries.
  • During a personal consultation, we select the most appropriate therapy or intervention.
  • We use modern, premium quality materials and the latest surgical instruments (eg. ultrasonic scalpel, power assisted tumescent liposuction, antibacterial sutures etc.)
  • We work with the products of the world’s leading implant manufacturers, but are independent of the implant vendors.
  • Fully customized operations. We work together with other medical branches to satisfy the most unique and special needs of our patients.
  • A well-prepared, patient-centered professional team

Parking facilities: low-cost parking spaces in front of the Hospital, on the Kartács street. We may provide free parking in the courtyard, if possible.

1139 Budapest, Kartács u. 1-5.

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