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Kútvölgyi Premium Hospital

Our treatments and surgical procedures are performed at Kútvölgyi Hospital which is part of Semmelweis University’s teaching hospital. We only employ highly-trained professionals and our operating theaters are equipped with the most advanced, latest equipment.

Our main aim is to provide the best available treatment to our patients. The treatments and surgical interventions are performed in a welcoming, soothing, elegant environment.

It is very important that we have clinical surroundings as this way, apart from the high professional standards, we have access to the hospital’s equipments should we run into complications.

This is again a key point to make you feel safe and secure. We offer all the advantages a private practice can provide.

The private practice located on the 5th floor of the hospital was founded in 2010. The Maternity Obstetric and Gynecology Private Health Centre and the Premium Dental practice are also located here.

1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 4.

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