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Duna Medical Center

Duna Medical Center is the first private health institution in Hungary to provide programmed surgical interventions and treatments in almost all medical fields, including plastic surgery. In DMC, plastic surgery has been started by a team led by Dr. Pataki.

We are waiting for you with the most modern equipment and with the utmost care to make the pre- and post-surgical period the most comfortable and safe.

The building is next to the Danube and the National Theater. Established in 2015, the clinic has a professional operating room, staff with excellent expertise and friendly rooms to assist thousands of patients in healing and regeneration.

European-quality health services, a well-trained, highly-skilled community of staff, and exclusive private hospitality with state-of-the-art equipment await you on the floors created for this purpose.

It is very important that the clinical circumstances of the operations are guaranteed because of the high level of expertise available at the Duna Medical Center and the specialist team. Our plastic surgeries are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety.

The hospital receives patients with private funding or private health insurance.

Plastic and restorative surgery at Duna Medical Center is performed by Dr. Pataki.

1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 7.

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