2017. May 15. - 09:58

From beginning to end Dr Pataki has been professional and reassuring. He speaks perfect English. He and his support staff have been caring and always available day or night to deal with any problems I might have. He was accompanied in the operating room by one of Hungary’s top anaesthesiologists. Hungary has a tradition of excellent medical care. My night in the hospital went well – they closely monitored my condition and gave me continuous flow of oxygen through my nose which is supposed to help the fat injected in my cheeks and forehead to have a higher retention rate. My one initial concern was that he insisted I stay at least 4 weeks in Hungary so that he could do all the proper follow up care. Having now gone through the experience I understand why – he truly cares about the outcome the way a fine sculptor might care about the perfection of his creation. From a practical standpoint all was done to ensure my comfort. The newly renovated modern 2 bedroom apartment which I rented from him had balconies overlooking the trees. It allowed my husband to stay with me for a while to give me moral support as well as comfortably accommodate a full time live in nurse who regularly put ice packs on my face, made sure I took my medication on time and coordinated sometimes 3 X per day with the Dr for optimal care. The little fresh fruit stand, fancy deli and family restaurant were a 5 minute walk from the apartment. Kitchen was well stocked and we used the blender to make healthy milkshakes. Dr Pataki visited me to change my bandages at home almost every day in the 1st week and then 3 times a week the following week. He has seen me at his private clinic twice a week and provided laser treatment each time on all my scars in the 3rd and 4th week. He removed stitches and staples in different areas as wounds were ready – not all at once. In week 3 he gave me a couple of additional stitches for a wound above my ear which was slow to heal and to prevent that area from having a scar that would have developed thicker than he liked. As I got stronger I was able to tour Budapest’s museums. Dr Pataki regularly made clear exactly what I was and wasn’t allowed to do physically based on how he saw I was recovering. He patiently answered all my questions at every visit, built trust and explained what to expect. I am very pleased with the process and have confidence that my final result will be excellent.

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