Hanny Amin

2016. March 03. - 22:07

I had my plastic surgery 1 month ago (breast implants). It was my first time so I was nervous about what will happen and who painful it will be and I was also worried about the result.
In additional to that Im living in London and my time in Budapest was limited (2weeks) .

After the first consolation with Dr Pataki my worries where gone. I feelt safe and motivated. He could explain me the process and he also made sure he understands what I would like to archive…..which is very important I think.
After the surgery I had no trouble, not much pain, no complication. The cut it still quite fresh but its a straight clean line, small and already nearly invisible.

I’m extremely happy with the result, and the shape is getting even nicer day by day.

Dr. Pataki and his team are giving an excellent aftercare. When ever I had and still have questions they are there and always very helpful.

Dr. Pataki is able to communicate in English and also in German.

Im very happy and I would recommend him and his team to everyone. Dr. Pataki and his team are very organised, motivated and his work highly professional.

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