Alice L. USA

2017. August 08. - 22:14

As a woman in her 40’s, I was noticing the effects of age: dark circles under my eyes, wrinkles, jowls, and an overall tired look to my face. I was a bit apprehensive, but more curious about my options regarding my aging face. Dr. Pataki put me at ease immediately and took the time to thoroughly explain my options. He explained that the jowls and the dark circles under my eyes were a result of fatty tissue loss in the face, just under the muscles. He suggested injections of hyaluronic acid ( a compound that occurs naturally in human tissues), and some botox to prevent wrinkling. I am happy that I took his advice. Although the effects are not really noticeable to others around me and it appears natural, it has taken 5 years off of my face. I am very happy with the results, and the thorough service before, during and after the procedure.

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