Prof. Dr. Gernold Wozniak 2018-06-19 - 10:45

Dear Greg,

somehow many years have gone without me writing you some nice words. Actually, it’s hard to imagine that you worked for me in 2001 and that you really found yourself in vascular surgery with us. You were a really friendly colleague with a lot of interest in the subject, manual dexterity and the heart for the patients in the right place.

If you have not changed too much in recent years, then everything should work well! I wish you a successful time!

Prof. Dr. Gernold Wozniak

Fr. Basil Ekwunife, Health Coordinator 2017-07-18 - 11:39

My dearest Dr. G. Pataki,

We thank God for granting you safe journey back to Budapest after a very tedious work at St. Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Onitsha, Nigeria. The wonders you performed during your visit to Nigeria have changed the life and fortune of so many people. Many families are now happy and hopeful that their problems could be solved for no cost, courtesy of your mission to Nigeria.

Your ethics of life is a moral lesson to all of us. For you to leave your comfort zone in Europe to come to Africa (Nigeria) to render a free health medical services to poor people is simply amazing. It’s morally and spiritually uplifting to remember that somebody, somewhere is thinking so greatly about others. You have demonstrated through this wonderful mission that humanity and human society is one unique family of God. Your dedication to this mission is second to none; the patients you healed, the facilities you brought to us, and your plan to train other medical Doctors to take over from you when you finish are simply stunning. May God be gracious to you.

Permit me to thank your family members who allowed you to come to Nigeria to help the poor. All of them will surely share in the blessing of the mission. Through their support and prayers, you recorded hundred percent (100%) success in all the high profile operations you did in Nigeria. To God be all the glory.

Please be assured of our support in this wonderful mission you have graciously initiated in Nigeria. May God continue to bless you for blessing the poor with your talent, resources and time in far away Africa. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

In union of prayers,

I remain,

Very truly yours,

Fr. Basil Ekwunife, Health Coordinator,
St. Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital
Onitsha, Nigeria

dr. Amara 2017-07-10 - 11:39

Dear Dr Greg,

How are you doing today? Trust you had a great trip back to Hungary?

Just to say a big thanks for choosing to visit us and for your selfless work during the time you spent with us. It was a short visit but the impact you had on me is enormous. It’s been an amazing experience working with you guys these past few days.Thank you for coming around and for the impacts you’ve made .

Thank you for bringing out an ability I never knew was within me. The passion and commitment with which you worked sparked up a totally new career path/goal for me.

I’ve always loved preventive medicine because I’ve always believed that most of the diseases/illnesses of our patients can be prevented or at least be nipped in the bud at the earliest stages and most of my career choices and examinations have been geared towards achieving this goal (I’ve always hated seeing people struggle/suffer because of their health).

My encounter with you didn’t take me away from this passion of becoming a public health physician one day, rather it has broadened my passion, of going the extra mile to surgically help people be and feel better about themselves.

Thank you Dr Greg! I thank God for making our paths cross.

I’ll sure work towards making this new dream of mine a great reality, following all your advice.

Have a blessed week ahead and regards to your family.

dr. Amara (Onitsha, Nigeria)

Dr. med. Ralf Dux, specialist dentist for orthodontics 2013-10-14 - 8:24

Dear future patient of Dr. Pataki,

I know dr. Pataki for over 30 years! As a specialist dentist for orthodontic orthodontics, the support of a good plastic surgeon is often very important to us. I congratulate Dr. med. Gergely Pataki to his perfectly trained specialist practice in Budapest on the Gellertberg and wish him all the best and always satisfied patients.

Dr. med. Ralf Dux, specialist dentist for orthodontics, Detmold and Zurich

Dental practice:
32756 Detmold city center
Paulinenstraße 38
Fon: +49 (0) 5231 – 388 68

Dr. med. Klaus Peitgen, chief doctor 2012-01-02 - 8:24

Dear Mr Pataki,

It is nice to see that from my best “pupils” become good surgeons!

I congratulate you on your plastic surgery and wish you a good eye, a steady hand and the good response of your patients.
With the best collegial greetings of your former teacher

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. med. Klaus Peitgen
chief doctor
Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bottrop
Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery
– Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery –
Osterfelder Str
46242 Bottrop, Germany

Tel. 02041-151000, Fax 02041-151002


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