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Cecília Tóth – Hungarian Fitness Champion

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Triple champion of the Hungarian Fit-Kid. Former athlete and triple champion of Hungarian Fitness Championship. Active participant of fitness championships.

She has been the champion of the national Fit-Kid three times. Former athlete and triple champion of Hungarian Fitness Championship. She smiled as first lady on the stage on the final of the Beauty of Zala contest in 1998. She is an active character of fitness championships. She is an aerobic coach and recreator, in addition she is a successful businesswoman.

The concept of a beautiful body is not only about a harmonic ratio or sport for me, but the maintanance of it, thus health.

I learned my motto from my parents: health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing. To achieve harmonious proportions I often seek my plastic surgeon’s advice. For me, this is just as important as practicing. I would like to encourage everyone to start taking care of their bodies by an invitation to do sports. This has been the most expressive to me:

„Are you depressed? Do sports! Are you happy? Do sports!

Do you eat too much? Do sports! Do you have no appetite? Do sports!

Are you afraid to get naked? Do sports! You can’t dress up? Do sports! Do you want to stay young? Do sports! Do you want to live long? Do sports! Do you want to win? Do sports! You can’t loose? Do sports!

Are you not good in sex? Do sports! It still doesn’t work? Do more sports! Do you like yourself? Do sports! Do you hate yourself? Do sports! (…)”

Sport is the best medicine.

„Get active and do sports! It is better to die healthy than to live unhealthy.” (Peter Geszti)


A Zalai Hírlap interjúja Tóth Cecíliával

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