Round or Teardrop Breast Implants: Which Shape Is Best?

Many people consider as a universal truth that one leads to better results than the other. The situation, however, is not... Article

Breast Implant Profiles and Projection

Not only the size, the location, and the surface (texture) of the implant are important, but also a less...


Possible Risks and Complications of Breast Augmentation

Usually, it is safe to say that Breast Augmentation has much lower risks than general surgery.


The Right Bra Helps to Maintain Perfect Breasts

Unlike the misconceptions, pectoral muscles do not play a role in the firmness of the breasts.


Capsular Contracture after Breast Augmentation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Breast Augmentation involves far fewer early complications than an ordinary surgical operation.


Dr. Pataki’s Advices: How To Choose Your Plastic Surgeon?

There is an excellent plastic surgery training in Hungary, so you can find plenty of good professionals. The most important thing is...


Before and After Breast Augmentation

Here you find the most important information about Breast Cosmetic Surgery preparation, operation and aftercare – for your perfect...

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