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Breast Implant Profiles and Projection

Articles 04 October 2016

Not only the size, the location, and the surface (texture) of the implant are important, but also a less commonly mentioned – and more often misunderstood – feature, the so-called projection (or profile) as well.

The projection of breast implants shows how much will the breasts stick out from the chest plane. Most premium implants are available with three or four projections, but sometimes even five. Implants of the same volume, therefore, have a different base area with different projections. And changing the base area makes them flatter or more convex.

Below are the three basic types that are complemented by one or two “transitional” versions of each product range.

Basic Types

  1. Low Projection / Low Profile. Such implants are relatively flat, and they slightly stick out of the chest plane. Generally, in the case of a wider chest or not sagged breasts, it is the ideal choice for those who want flatter breasts.
  2. Medium Projection / Medium Profile. Although the most natural results may require different types of implants depending on the anatomical features, the medium projection is the most common solution. As its name suggests, it sticks out better from the chest plane than the low projection version, but less than the high one. It is even more likely to be ideal in the case of smaller, narrower chest.
  3. High Projection / High Profile. This type is very narrow, so with a given volume, it gives the most prominent projection. With a well-chosen volume, it gives a full and round shape for those who have fitting body proportions. If these implants are not very large, they provide a very natural effect from side view as well.

Which Is The Perfect Decision?

The plastic surgeon usually determines the projection of the implant in the personal consultation based on two factors.

  1. Body proportions. The same breast implant results in completely different effects on two different chests. For the most experienced doctors, one look is enough to determine the right projection, but according to the professional protocols, accurate measurements are also done. In addition to the breast size, the shoulder width and the chest circumference are also crucial.
  2. Desired results. Many people come up with a definite idea of ​​whether they want a solid or a spectacular outcome. The personal consultation also helps to outline a realistic, surgically and technically achievable expectation in agreement with the plastic surgeon, which fits the patient’s appearance and lifestyle. Projection plays a very large role in that.

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