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  1. Alice L. USA says:

    As a woman in her 40’s, I was noticing the effects of age: dark circles under my eyes, wrinkles, jowls, and an overall tired look to my face. I was a bit apprehensive, but more curious about my options regarding my aging face. Dr. Pataki put me at ease immediately and took the time to thoroughly explain my options. He explained that the jowls and the dark circles under my eyes were a result of fatty tissue loss in the face, just under the muscles. He suggested injections of hyaluronic acid ( a compound that occurs naturally in human tissues), and some botox to prevent wrinkling. I am happy that I took his advice. Although the effects are not really noticeable to others around me and it appears natural, it has taken 5 years off of my face. I am very happy with the results, and the thorough service before, during and after the procedure.

  2. Adrienn says:

    (Handwritten opinion)

  3. Leah Donnelly says:

    Dr. Pataki is a perfectionist and takes such pride in his work.

    Breast augmentation for correction of constricted breasts. Having been almost flat chested, I have considered having implants since my teens. My small breasts have always been a huge personal insecurity. Although I am from Ireland, I chose this clinic based on 2 strong recommendations from colleagues whom had similar procedures carried out.

    My first consultation with Dr. Pataki confirmed for me that I was ready and eager to have this procedure. I felt that he really listened to and understood what I wanted, which was a natural result. He explained the procedure, with a detailed and informative slideshow and answered all of my questions regarding possible outcomes.

    I could not speak highly enough of my experience from start to finish. The results of my operation exceeded my expectations, and my confidence has improved more than I could’ve imagined. My only regret is not having made this change earlier.

    Dr. Pataki is a perfectionist and takes such pride in his work. The rest of the staff were also amazing, and so accommodating with my requests along the way. I would highly recommend.

  4. Hanny Amin says:

    I had my plastic surgery 1 month ago (breast implants). It was my first time so I was nervous about what will happen and who painful it will be and I was also worried about the result.
    In additional to that Im living in London and my time in Budapest was limited (2weeks) .

    After the first consolation with Dr Pataki my worries where gone. I feelt safe and motivated. He could explain me the process and he also made sure he understands what I would like to archive…..which is very important I think.
    After the surgery I had no trouble, not much pain, no complication. The cut it still quite fresh but its a straight clean line, small and already nearly invisible.

    I’m extremely happy with the result, and the shape is getting even nicer day by day.

    Dr. Pataki and his team are giving an excellent aftercare. When ever I had and still have questions they are there and always very helpful.

    Dr. Pataki is able to communicate in English and also in German.

    Im very happy and I would recommend him and his team to everyone. Dr. Pataki and his team are very organised, motivated and his work highly professional.

  5. Jenny says:

    Dear dr. Pataki

    Thank you so much for taking such great care of me, and also taking the time listening to me. You were so caring and lent me an ear when I needed it most.
    By the grace of almighty, I am healing so wonderfully, you did such a great job on me! I must say I have never looked better!
    I am more confident and definitely much prettier and younger looking! I feel great!

    Thank you so much for the operation,

  6. H. F. says:

    Thank you Dr Pataki for doing such a fantastic job you on me! I appreciate all the extra care and work you put in for you! I am truly indebted !

  7. SPB says:

    Kjære Dr. Pataki med team.

    Jeg vil benytte anledningen til å takke for en utrolig profesjonell og bra
    oppfølging gjennom hele prosessen. Har kun positive opplevelser, og har med
    varme ord anbefalt dere videre.
    Inngrepet har gitt meg mye bedre livskvalitet og kunne ikke vært mer
    fornøyd med resultatet. Bekymringer som jeg før hadde i hverdagen har jeg
    glemt eksisterte.

    Igjen, tusen takk!

    Med vennlig hilsen

  8. Aoife says:

    Dear Dr. Pataki and Team,

    I want to thank you so much for the excellent experience I had with you. I would be very happy to write some words for your website, please let me know the format.

    So far, I am extremely pleased with the result. I can’t tell you how much it means to me, the small but somehow large changes that have been made. All the little stresses which alone were small but together used to add up, buying bras, bikinis, when my body gets cold, showing my legs, have disappeared. It is easier to hold my body, to lie down, everything feels more balanced. My confidence has grown and life is just easier. My scar is still red but seems to be healing better.

    I think that September I could make it for a check up but I cannot confirm the date just yet.

    Thank you and kind regards,

  9. Anita says:

    When I decided to have breast augmentation three months ago I was looking for a surgeon who could offer me a professional service before, during and after the surgery, a satisfactory result as well as an affordable price. What I found at Dr Pataki’s was way above my expectation. I can’t name a single part of his and his team’s work which needs to be improved.
    Before you meet his team, you can find plenty of information you need to know about the surgery which is a very helpful tool to refer back to every little detail. Their communication through emails or phones are friendly and precise with a good knowledge of English. The clinic where the consultation and aftercare takes place is clean and tastefully decorated, the hospital is well equipped to a high standard with its relaxing rooms, and smiley helpful nurses. Last but not least Dr Pataki offers not only his first-class skills as a surgeon but his calm and friendly personality assures you to feel that you are in a care of a doctor who takes pride in his profession and aims to perfection as a doctor. You surely wouldn’t get such high standards abroad for the same price which includes not only the consultations, the surgery with private room and free medical care but also all the after-care.
    I can only say a big THANK YOU for everyone who helped me in this wonderful transformation.

  10. Simone / Zurich /Switzerland says:

    Dear dr. Pataki,

    Swelling went down and had a rather amusing check in at the hotel!! I have facial packs and massage so, it is settling and looks fabulous!!!!

    I did some massage and took the antiinflammatories and cooling masks at home and swelling is down:)

    It looks great and I think over the next few weeks and months it will be even better.

    I hope u have a wonderful evening,

    Thank u

  11. Mklau says:

    What an amazing experience!!!

    I arrived at the private clinique level and from the minute i got there i was really pleased with professionalism of the staff and the doctor. The surgery is super clean and very comfortable.
    The doctor came to see me and explain the surgery and procedures. I saw him before the surgery and when i woke up he was there which put ease. I also was getting checked by staff(nurses) frequently too.
    The surgery was better than i expected. I didn’t feel bad, the after care was brilliant and nothing was too much trouble, all in great experience a lot better than some other people know who had surgery recently.

    Highly recommended the doctor who is perfectionist and genius when it comes to work. I made the best decision after having a few consultation with other doctors, companies.
    I wouldn’t look anywhere else.
    Best thing i ever done.

    Thank you for Dr. Greg Pataki!!!!!;)

  12. Ms. Elise says:

    Thank you! I also wanted to say that every time I come into the clinic, I feel that I am really cared for. You offer such a warm, caring, respectful, environment. Thank you so very much!! It speaks volumes about all of you!!
    All the best to all of you and your families!!

    Warmest regards,

  13. E.J says:

    I went to Dr. Pataki for a correctional surgery of my scars, both around my nipples and under my breasts from a previous surgery done by another doctor. My scars were very thick and hard for the touch and didn’t have an even color. My “new” scars are incomparable. They are evenly skin colored, about a tenth as thick and are soft. They are very nicely shaped too, my breasts finally feel and look and are mine! I’ve consulted many other doctors before my surgery, but Dr Pataki seemed and has proven to be very reliable. I thank Dr Pataki’s professionalism and dedication to the best possible result. I would recommend him dearly to anyone!

  14. S V says:

    I did a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago and im extremely happy i did it. The result was better than what i hoped for. I feel more confident about my face. Dr. Pataki is very polite, helpful and skilled. He is a gem! if you think about fixing your nose let him help you:)

  15. Renata - Switzerland says:

    Hello Gergely

    Thank you very much for your great work and your excellent support during the whole time from the first meeting till the last examination. I am completely exited with the result and also my boyfriend and my family are very proud for my new looks. I am feeling very attractive and enjoy the jealous looks I get.

    Therefore I want to express my deepest regards to you and your team for the excellent work and support. I can recommend you to anyone. You are simply the best plastic surgeon on earth.
    With love from Switzerland

  16. Nancy - UK says:

    “Dear Greg,

    I just love the lip surgery results. Greg used Permalip, permanent lip implants on me. It didn’t hurt, there is no pain at all, and I can already see how amazing it is! I totally trust Dr. Pataki’s guidance.”

  17. Melissa - Portlaoise IRE says:

    “Dear Dr. Pataki,

    I would like to thank you and your staff for making me feel so comfortable. After six years of thinking that my breasts could not be fixed I was referred to you thru the medical agency. I had seen a few other plastic surgeons over the years and not one of them made me comfortable enough to have yet another surgery. You understood my fears and took your time to explain what you could do to improve on my breast. After five minutes of meeting you, I was excited to see the results. I could not be happier, I love it. I had very little pain and was back to work in days after returning home. Again, I would like to thank you for making it a wonderful and comfortable experience in Hungary. Thank You !”

  18. Christiane - UK says:

    Dear Followers,

    Anybody who goes to someone other than Dr. Pataki is missing the best. Eye had upper and lower Eye Surgery with him. He’s incredible! He’s the best!

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